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SCW equipment is Not Sanctioned. On Oct 7th 2019, The US government placed sanctions on major providers in the industry for human rights abuses. Some or all Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua, Lorex, Swann, LTS, Annke, Alibi, Laview, WBox, Interlogix, Flir, Bosch, ICRealtime, QSee, Panasonic, ADT, Indigo Vision, Montavue, and many more security products are included. SCW's Admiral and Imperial line equipment is not sanctioned.

These sanctions prevent these companies from using US technology or standards in future software or firmware releases and from using US patents in future hardware models. This means that they are going to face a situation where they either don't update firmware for cyber security concerns or lose ONVIF compliance or features when their firmware is updated. For these reasons, we recommend staying away from these brands.

For more information and full documentation, please see our article on NDAA and US Sanctions of Hikvision, Dahua, and their OEM brands.

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Experienced Providers

With thousands of customers like NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Amazon, we know what it takes to secure the world’s largest organizations.

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The Best of the Best

Our commercial grade security camera systems are designed to give you optimal performance. All of our cameras are IP66 or IP67 weather-proof rated, and designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Elite Technical Support

While most large organizations have a comprehensive IT team on hand, we provide free lifetime technical support to your IT professionals.

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We Care About your Security as Much as You Do

We trust you. That's why our Advance Replacements Policy exists.

if we sent you a defective security camera or NVR (and we can't fix it over the phone) we'll send a replacement out before you send the old one to us for testing, and we'll pay for shipping both ways.

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