The Spotlight 2.0 - 26ZV-W - 2MP (1080P) IP PTZ Camera with 22x Optical Zoom & Full Spectrum Light

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This picture was taken at 2:30 in the morning. The only light is coming from the Spotlight. The is a 24 volt camera and cannot be powered via POE. We have an installation guide on below on the "How to Install" tab.


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Your Options:

This Electrical Junction Box Mount can be used along with the Wall Mounts listed below as well as the Corner Mount or Pole Mount Brackets.

A mount of some type is required to install our PTZs. There are three wall mount options a Long Wall Mount (12.4"), a Short Wall Mount (7.9"), and a Parapet Wall Mount (34.6").

Have a mounting challenge? These items work with our Wall Mounts to allow you to attach your PTZ to Corners of buildings or to Poles. Requires either our Short Wall Mount, Long Wall Mount, or Parapet Mount.

A mount of some type is required to install our PTZs. To Pendant Mount this PTZ, you will need a pendant base and either the short (9.4") or long pendant (20.7") Pendant Pole.

This camera comes with a 3 year warranty. You can also upgrade it to 5 years.

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1080p HD

1080P @ 60 FPS; 1920 x 1080

Detect: 950 ft
Recognize: 875 ft
Identify: 750 ft

Processing Power and Compression: Not All 1080P Cameras are Created Equal



Full protection from dust, rain, snow, dew, frost, and sprinklers.

You can even wash them off with a hose.


temperature rating

Extreme Cold Temperature rated from -40°F to 140 °F

Humidity rated between up to 90%.


ptz lens

Motorized PTZ Varifocal: 6.5 - 135mm
70° - 4° of coverage

Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

Learn about the 4 types of Zoom


night footage

Infrared night vision up to 200 FT

Integrated Full Spectrum Light up to 100 FT

Larger image sensor for low light

Color video possible until 0.001 lux

How to get the best footage at night


special features

Audio Input and Output
Audio Input/Output FAQ

True WDR (120db)


Pan: 360° (endless) rotation
Tilt: -15° ~ +90° (auto reverse)

Seeing in shadows: Understanding WDR