The Informant 4.0 - 26DF4-A - 4MP (2x1080P) Fixed Wide Angle Lens Mini Dome Camera with Audio Microphone

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The Informant 4.0 - 26DF4-A The Informant 4.0 - 26DF4-A The Informant 4.0 - 26DF4-A closeup shot The Informant 4.0 - 26DF4-A side view Each product is boxed individually so you can custom order them in any combination.


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Our electrical box mounts are used to give easy access to your connections, hide them inside the junction box, and allow you to drill a smaller hole in your wall. They are only necessary if you want to run conduit.

This Outdoor Wall Mount Bracket is optional and cosmetic. It has a back facing outlet for cable, making cable management easier. It also allows more flexibility in positioning the viewing angle. Pushing the camera a bit away from the wall allows for less IR bounceback when aiming along the wall.

This pole mount bracket is optional and used for outdoor pole or rail installation. You will need the Outdoor Wall Mount Bracket to protect the cable connector and to orient your dome camera correctly, if using a Pole Mount Bracket.

We usually recommend buying your cable locally, that way you can start you installation immediately and have the cable run by the time your cameras are delivered! If you want to get it from us, that's great too!

This camera comes with a 3 year warranty. You can also upgrade it to 5 years.



4MP UHD Quality

4MP @ 25 FPS: 2560 x 1440

Detect: 115 ft
Recognize: 50 ft
Identify: 35 ft

4MP vs 4K



Full protection from dust, rain, snow, dew, frost, and sprinklers.

You can even wash them off with a hose.


temperature rating

Temperature rated from -31°F to 140 °F

Humidity rated between 10 and 95%.


fixed lens

Fixed: 2.8mm
101° of coverage

Digital Zoom Only

Learn about the 4 types of Zoom


night footage

Infrared night vision up to 50 FT

Color video possible until 0.02 lux

How to get the best footage at night


special features

Integrated Microphone

True Wide Dynamic Range (120dB)

Seeing in shadows: Understanding WDR