What's New? Quarterly Update: Q1 2023

Here's what's trending in the industry, what's new at SCW, and what content, guides, and resources we created in the last 90 days.

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Trend: Cyber Security for Physical Security

Hybrid Cloud Physical Security Platforms Gain Traction because of Cyber Security

The big trend for 2023 has been the shift to hybrid cloud based physical security platforms. Similar to the shift that happened in the 2010s when most of the industry moved from analog to HD, the shift to hybrid cloud will define the industry for the next decade. This quarter, however, the cyber security improvements inherent in a hybrid cloud approach took forefront.

What's driving the market to adopt hybrid cloud systems?

One Login for All Your Camera Brands / Locations

Increase Cyber Secure of Existing Hardware

Use of AI to Reduce False Alarms & Alerts

What's Cloud in Hybrid Cloud Physical Security?

Hybrid cloud systems can be confusing. Many people the "cloud" in "Hybrid Cloud Physical Security" means that the storage is in the cloud. Although this is often offered, this is not what is most important to move to the cloud - or why people are switching to cloud platforms.

Hybrid cloud systems move the application interface to the cloud - not necessarily the footage storage. By moving the "software you log into and use" off the local area network and to the cloud, this frees IT personel up from having to manage firewalls or VPNs for remote access. This vastly increases the cyber security of your local network.

SCW's hybrid cloud platforms are: survail which replaces an NVR for video surveillance or Openpath / Avigilon Alta for access control. These systems move the login and user interface application to the cloud, making it so that you no longer have to open ports, run a VPN, or otherwise manage remote access for full on prem systems, like NVRs or legacy access control systems.