Why go and get SCW product instead of sourcing through Amazon?

Check out our client list and see the when Amazon shops for their own fulfillment centers who they turn to.

The 5 main reasons why people go with SCW instead of another DIY option:

Number 1 is our amazing technical support:

Setting up a surveillance system can be complicated. We are one of the only providers with 100% US based support and are training. Our tech support is top notch.

We put the emphasis on our support - both from a technical, knowledge based perspective and from a policy perspective. We believe that what really makes us different is our people. We hire for culture, train our team internally, and then retain great talent by treating people better. In an industry known for poor service and bad ethics, we stand alone.

Our people are a big reason why we have a 4.9 out of 5 rating from our customers. We have tried to write our RMA rules to be as easy to use as possible, which is why we have unique programs like our advance exchange. We also just rolled out a warranty upgrade option (up to 5 years).

Number 2 is that we source better product:

From setting up remote viewing, to automatically FTPing event footage to your own server in case your NVR is stolen, to much better video analytics that reduce false alarms and give you better information (like people counting), SCW equipment is just a higher caliber than what you gonna see in other channels. Some of this stuff is complicated, which is another reason why people want support.

Number 3 is that we help you minimize legal and cyber security risks:

SCW equipment is one of the only places you can get DIY equipment that isn't banned by the federal government for national security contracts.

There’s been a whole lot of hacking going on. The risk, largely isn’t that someone can look at your security system’s footage, but rather that they use the processor of a device already inside your trusted network to function as a botnet or to watch for your intellectual property, credit card numbers, bank logins, or other personal information. SCW equipment and setup is different, we create an isolated network within your network to put cameras on. This means that there’s no physical access for a hacker to the camera processors. The only item we put on your main network is the recorder, which is nowhere near as easy to hack as cameras.

We can’t speak to everything on Amazon, obviously. There’s a diversity of items that you will find on Amazon. Some are incredibly insecure; some specs are totally wrong; some are products that solely exist to spy on their customers and sell the video to marketing companies. It is very difficult to determine what is what. Even Amazon can’t keep accurate tabs on what is on Amazon.

Number 4 is our Company Culture:

When you buy a camera system from a company known for treating its customers well, but you also can rest assured that we treat our employees fairly and strive to make sure that they are taken care of, and who is looking forward to the future in a meaningful way.


I hope you find this helpful on why people choose SCW over Amazon or any of the other DIY retailing options.