The Laser 2.0 - 26ZV-LIR - 2MP (1080P) IP PTZ Camera with 33x Optical Zoom & Laser Infrared

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The Laser 2.0 - 26ZV-LIR - high res The Laser 2.0 - 26ZV-LIR closeup shot The Laser 2.0 - 26ZV-LIR Diagram for PTZ use with a POE NVR. Our PTZ's use more power than most of our IP cameras. Our PTZs come with a PoE injector that you connect inline. The total distance from NVR to PTZ is 325 feet. Each product is boxed individually so you can custom order them in any combination. Do not shine the Laser's IR in your eyes. Class IIIb/3B Lasers can cause immediate eye damage upon exposure at close range.


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Your Options:

PTZ PoE Injector is required for The Laser 2.0. Included at no extra charge.

A mount of some type is required to install our PTZs. There are three wall mount options a Long Wall Mount (12.4"), a Short Wall Mount (7.9"), and a Parapet Wall Mount (34.6").

Have a mounting challenge? These items work with our Wall Mounts to allow you to attach your PTZ to Corners of buildings or to Poles. Requires either our Short Wall Mount, Long Wall Mount, or Parapet Mount.

A mount of some type is required to install our PTZs. To Pendant Mount this PTZ, you will need a pendant base and either the short (9.4") or long pendant (20.7") Pendant Pole.

This camera comes with a 3 year warranty. You can also upgrade it to 5 years.

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