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Free Floorplan Customization Service
Discourage Crime
Loss Prevention
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Professional & Commercial Grade

Multi-Location CMS
Multi-Monitor CMS
IT to to IT Team Support
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100% Free US Based Lifetime Support

What to Expect from SCW

Getting Started with Security Cameras

Get the SCW Beginner Guide!

New to security camera systems? Confused by Analog vs IP? Bullet vs Dome? Indoor vs Outdoor? Don't even know what PTZ means?

No problem! Download the SCW Beginner Guide and get all your questions answered right away!

You'll Love the Way the Bad Guys Look.

A face at 10 FT, recorded with a 700 TVL cctv camera with a wide angle lens

Traditional Analog Camera @ 10 Feet

A face at 10 FT, recorded with a 1080P IP camera with a wide angle 75 deg lens

1080P IP Security Camera @ 10 Feet

A face at 10 FT, recorded with a 4K security camera with a zoom 98 deg lens

SCW's 4K IP Surveillance Camera @ 10 Feet

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Our staff is available from 9-6 Monday - Friday (EST).

Do-It-Yourself With Expert Help

Whether you're looking for expert optics or networking help in setting up your system, an installation guide when running wires, or have questions in the planning stages, we have best documentation, training, guides, and tools availible. Our friendly experts can help you.

American Based Tech Support. For FREE. Forever.

100% FREE support that never expires.

3 year warranty (with the option to upgrade to 5)

If you don't like anything, return it within 30 days with the original packaging. No big deal.

Free Training - through phone calls and screen sharing.

scw tech support

We Care About your Security as Much as You Do

We trust you. That's why our Advance Replacements Policy exists.

if we sent you a defective security camera or NVR (and we can't fix it over the phone) we'll send a replacement out before you send the old one to us for testing, and we'll pay for shipping both ways.


SCW Security Camera System Viewing Apps

Watch your Security Cameras Anywhere - No Monthly Fees Required.

When you watch your CCTV cameras remotely: it uses the internet connection you already have. We'll help you get it up and running over the phone or screen share.

Beautiful, Intelligent, Smart Software Solutions

Multi-Location, Multi Monitor CMS Software included

Easy to Install DIY Security Camera Systems

Scalable Solutions

The fastest growing segment of DIY security camera systems are enterprise clients.

Easily leverage the IT team you already have.

From simple, easy to configure POE NVRs (One clip in cable for power and video) to unlimited camera system designs.

Commercial Grade Construction and Features

We lead the pack with Car Grade LEDs in our Infrared Lights. We use either IK10 Impact protection or Anti-Reflective Glass.

All our IP CCTV cameras have Commercial Grade Aluminum and Ceramic Molding instead of the standard plastic.

commercial grade security cameras

indoor outdoor ip67 security cameras

Indoor or Outdoor. Snow, Rain, Sleet, or Shine

Even our basic models can handle most forms of extreme weather, with at least -31 to 140° F temperature ranges and IP66 to IP67 rated dust and water protection.

SCW CCTV System Reviews

SCW has very good products. Their tech support is the reason I have recommended them to my friends. They apparently cannot be stumped with questions about installation, software or operation.

I am impressed every time that I talk with these people.

Best technical support of any company. You should train all the others.

Beginner's Guide