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Security Camera Solutions For Your Home

Our range of security camera and video surveillance systems can help keep your home safe and deliver you the peace of mind that you're looking for at the right price. Click the button below to browse and shop from our convenient online store.

  • Easy To Install
  • Weatherproof Rated
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Night Vision Capabilities

Security Camera Solutions For Your Business

Whether need to protect a single store or are looking for the best way to secure multiple locations, our online store has the best products. Our outstanding customer service will also ensure you get the right security solution for your exact needs at a price you'll love.

  • Free Floorplan Customization Service
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Night Vision Capabilities
  • Audio Recording Capabilities

Need Help?

Not sure about which products are the best fit for your needs? Unsure of the price of what you're looking for? Need help deciphering technical specs like video quality and camera types? Your search is over! Click the button below to download our FREE beginner's guide to security cameras and video surveillance.

  • Know Your Options
  • Learn About Video Surveillance Technology
  • Make Sure You Buy The Right System

Make Sure You Get The Right System

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all security camera solution.

When choosing the right security camera system for your home or institution, it's important to consider a number of key factors to ensure you're getting the right system to suit your budget, purpose and needs.

It's also not something that you want to guess at and get wrong. Having an inadequate indoor or outdoor security system or video surveillance system in place can lead to some damaging safety, financial and legal consequences. That's why it pays to put the time and effort in to make 100% sure that you're getting the right system the first time around.

If you need a more comprehensive rundown, download our free beginner's guide handbook here or give us a call on 866-414-2553. It's a lot more efficient and effective than a Google search - trust us!

Easy To Install

Our security camera systems are tailored towards do-it-yourselfers and our USA based tech support is always here to help! We offer camera installation services if you are local, however with our extensive DIY documentation in our installation portal - you wont have an issue installing cameras yourself. Our support team is available Monday - Friday should you need help installing your security camera system.

Weatherproof Rated

Rain, hail or shine, our cameras are built to endure whatever mother nature throws at them. No matter where you're located, we have some of the highest quality outdoor and indoor cameras in the world that can endure extremes in temperature, wind, rain, humidity and other adverse weather conditions.

Free Lifetime Support

When you shop with us, you're never on your own! We operate from 9am-7pm Monday to Friday, so if you need help with installation or have any questions about your surveillance system just give us a call or email. Our top rated support team is always there when you need us!

Free Floorplan Customization Service

That's right, we offer a full floorplan customization service to ensure your all your angles are covered - best of all it's completely free! When it comes to larger private or commercial properties, you don't want to be left with dangerous blind spots that can be exploited by intruders and leave you exposed. Hit us up for this amazing offer today!

Home Security Camera Systems

Looking for the best security camera system for your home? We've got you covered!

Whether you're looking for a basic video surveillance set-up or an advanced system with night vision cameras, audio capabilities or powerful AI integrations, our online store has a fantastic range of security cameras to suit every home.

If you're looking for a DIY system, we offer solutions that are extremely easy to set up. We also offer free technical support to answer any questions about installation or operation with no hidden fees!

Things to consider before selecting a security camera system for your home include:

  • What areas of your home require coverage? Do you want to see indoor or outdoor spaces, your driveway, your exterior entry points, your kids playing in the yard or alleyways and other features near your home (or all of the above)?
  • How far do you need to see? This will affect the resolution you need.
  • Do you need a wired, wire-free or wireless system?
  • Are you capable of installing the system you need on your own, or will you need professional help?

Request A Home Security System Quote

Business Security Camera Systems

Theft, assault, fraud, criminal damages, lawsuits - we know how important it is to ensure that your business and assets are secure and protected from the multitude of risks that face modern businesses. Without the right systems in place, you can find yourself exposed to some extremely damaging financial and legal ramifications

From retail stores and restaurants to global corporations, at SCW we have an excellent track record of providing high-quality, reliable, flexible and adaptable business security camera and surveillance systems to a wide variety of companies across a wide range of industries.

Our security camera solutions utilize the latest in innovative technology and are fully customized to meet your specific needs. No matter the shape or size of your premises, the number of staff you have or where you're located - we'll make sure you have the best CCTV camera set-up possible.

Things to consider before selecting a security camera system for your business include:

  • What are the main risks you face?
  • What kind of budget are you working with?
  • How many buildings/facilities do you need security system coverage for?
  • What kind of technological solutions do you need to manage your risks? Do you need night vision, audio, AI integration or other advanced capabilities?
  • Do you have any power supply/logistical challenges to overcome in order to install and maintain your security camera system?

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We're Here To Help

We pride ourselves on having an extensive range of cctv security cameras on offer in our convenient online store.

However, we understand that this can also be a bit overwhelming. If you're finding it difficult to choose the surveillance camera system that best meets your specific needs and budget, just jump on the phone and give one of our friendly support staff a call.

We can discuss your needs and walk you through your options in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. We'll definitely never make you feel stupid for not knowing anything, so please feel free to ask any questions you have!

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Powerful and Innovative Security Camera Solutions

Here at SCW, we have spent years perfecting highly customised and state-of-the-art security camera systems that utilise the latest in tech to match any business or residential security needs. From a single security camera to a fully integrated and customised security camera solution, we have designed and built our cameras to ensure you have the best available security system for your home or business.

Tailored Security Camera Systems

At SCW, we offer custom designed security camera solutions for any individual or business requiring a more complex security package. Get a Free Custom Floor Plan designed by our expert staff or simply purchase any product off our website and have it delivered straight to your door.

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