How to Secure your Retail Store- Security Cameras and Alarms

Security Cameras and Alarms for Your Retail Store

Are you interested in learning how to secure your retail store, but not sure where to start?

Use this piece hand-in-hand with our Beginner’s Guide for Securing Your Perimeter. It provides an excellent foundation and will help you think about the basics before you focus on the specific needs to your retail store.

Protecting your retail store is not an easy task. Not only do you have to worry about the money you’ve invested in your merchandise, but you also have multiple employees and customers coming in and out of your shop every day.

Securing your store may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. At SCW, we want to give you the knowledge you need to make better security decisions for your retail location.

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Your Retail Store Isn't As Safe As It Could Be

Any building — commercial, communal, industrial, or residential — faces its own unique set of threats. Before a person can act, they have to be aware. We’re here to break down what are potential threats to your Retail Store and how exactly you are able to handle them.

These are your top threats:

Criminal Activity in Your Parking Lot

Criminal Activity at Your Entrances

Theft and Shrinkage

Employee Accountability and Customer Conflicts

Inventory Damage

How We Handle Your Threats

Each threat to your Retail Store is unique and requires a custom setup and a comprehensive plan. Below, we’ve laid out why you should be aware of each threat, what solutions we recommend for it, and how to best put your solutions into action.

How to Handle Criminal Activity in Your Parking Lot

Retail locations are often close to busy roads or highways. In high traffic areas, your parking lot is vulnerable. Most retailers emphasize the need to have full coverage in their parking lots because customers and employees often ask to see footage in the event of a car being stolen, a traffic accident, or a verbal or physical altercation. Make sure your parking lot is covered to avoid liability. Read this article for more about securing your parking lot.

What You Need

Bullet Style Cameras

Long Range Bullet Style Camera

PTZ Camera

We recommend installing bullet cameras outside of your building in areas that allow you to see all angles of your parking lot and the perimeter of your store. You’ll want to be able to identify a face as they near the building. Additionally you can add more layers of protection by installing a longer range camera to cover longer distances on a large parking lot.

How to Handle Securing Your Entrances and Exits

Retail locations usually have multiple entrances and exits, and sometimes a bay door. It’s not unusual for someone to slip in and out unnoticed. Often, these doors are opened for hours at a for large shipments to come in. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for a thief to easily come in. Additionally, the exterior of your building is also vulnerable to vandalism and loiterers.

What You Need

Wide Angle Turret Style Camera

Bullet Style Cameras

We recommend installing wide angle turret cameras outside of your doors. Wide Angle Turret Style Camera

The solution for both of these threats would be the same. Depending on the layout of your store, you’ll need to install cameras in places that cover important areas. We recommend installing these cameras in the corner of a room. You can also install two deputies back to back to make a 220-236 degree view, such as in the middle of a wall. Always be aware of blind spots inside of your store, and install your cameras accordingly.

You should have cameras in rooms where employees might be alone together, such as break rooms rooms where you store inventory. In the event of a harassment claim, you’ll want to make sure you can pull the footage needed. Remember, it is against the law to record in areas where someone disrobes or where a mother is nursing. You cannot install a security camera inside of a dressing room, however, you can install them outside of the dressing rooms to see activity going in and out.

How To Handle Inventory Damage

At any given time, you probably have thousands of dollars worth of inventory inside of your retail store. If you have an employee breakroom and restrooms inside of your store, you’re always at risk of leaks or fires. You want to make sure your inventory stays safe.

What You Need

Smart Monitoring

3 in 1 Sensor for Smoke, Fire, and Temperature

Glass Break Sensor

Freeze/Leak Detector

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

With the SCW Alarm System, you can install the sensors mentioned above throughout your store, to get notifications in the event of smoke, abrupt temperature changes or leaks. Additionally, installing glass break sensors on large windows or sliding glass doors notify you in the event of a break-in or a dangerous storm that breaks windows.

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