How to Design a Security Camera System for a Club House/Recreation Building

In this example, we showcase a gameroom/clubhouse for an apartment complex.

clubhouse camera system


Goals: The goal of this surveillance system is to reduce liability. As such, it guards the front and back doors which have renters coming and going from the club house. The laundry room and office area have been excluded because the goal was only to watch where renters can go.
Other areas, such as the equipment room, hold valuable items so the customer wanted this area protected as well.

The Red cones are the line of sight for our most commonly used camera: the Warrior 2.0. You will have a clear enough picture with these cameras to be able to ID someone at 50 feet, because they shoot in 1080P at 30 pictures per second.

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The Warrior 2.0 - 26BF2


1080p HD

1080P @ 30 FPS; 1920 × 1080

Detect: 100 ft
Recognize: 50 ft
Identify: 25 ft

Processing Power and Compression: Not All 1080P Cameras are Created Equal



Full protection from dust, rain, snow, dew, frost, and sprinklers.

You can even submerge it for a few minutes.


temperature rating

Temperature rated from -31°F to 140 °F

Humidity rated between 10 and 95%.


fixed lens

Fixed: 4mm
85° of coverage

Digital Zoom Only

Learn about the 4 types of Zoom


night footage

Infrared night vision up to 100 FT

Larger image sensor for low light

Color video possible until 0.02 lux

How to get the best footage at night


special features

Digital Wide Dynamic Range

Seeing in shadows: Understanding WDR

The Warrior is our most popular camera model. It is tied with the Deputy in terms of how easy it is to install and position, since neither camera requires you to remove any part of the camera to screw it into the wall/ceiling/soffit. This makes it ideal for outdoor use as you don't have a tendency to trap moisture in the lens, as is common with dome cameras, where you have to remove the outer glass dome to mount them. The 81 degree lens is great balance between covering a large area and identifying faces and license plates. Although you can use this camera inside or out, the most common use of the Warrior models (the camera comes in 2MP, 4MP, or 8MP) is to cover the side of buildings or large sections of yards.

Sample Photos taken by the Warrior 2.0. Click to enlarge the images. Press ESC key to close.

10 FT 20 FT 50 FT 75 FT 100 FT


Detect someone up to 100 feet

"Detecting" a face means being able to tell that a human face is in the picture.


Recognize someone up to 50 feet

"Recognizing" a face refers to being able to say "I have seen that person before" - even if you don't know or can't place who it is.


Identify someone up to 25 feet

"Identification" refers to being able to make out identifiable marks with enough certainty to make a sketch or claim.

If this is your exact scenario, the 8 camera system below, should fit your needs.

  1. The 1080P Admiral Series - 8 Channel HD Customizable Security Camera System

    8 Camera 1080P Admiral Series

    From: $1,199.00


    2MP @ 30 FPS: 1920 x 1080

    85° or 110° options
    IP67 Weatherproof
    Infrared night vision up to 100 FT
    -31°F to 140 °F temp rated

    Processing Power and Compression: Not All 1080P Cameras are Created Equal


    VCA: Motion Detection, Line Crossing, Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, Vandalism Detection
    Video Content Analytics (VCA) Search
    VCA Event based Email Alerts
    Remote Footage Download
    1 Click Firmware Update

    Learn when you would use VCA

    Remote Viewing

    Smartphone Apps
    Tablet Apps
    Windows Apps
    Mac Viewing Apps
    Internet Explorer Viewing

    How Patent Wars have changed Browser Support


    Cat5e (RJ45) Ethernet to Network
    Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
    SCWEasyConnect 2.0 ports on back for Plug and play 2018 SCW camera auto-configuration up to 750 ft away
    VGA Monitor Out
    4K HDMI Out for TVs/Monitors
    Footage Download via USB

    Learn about automatic backup footage options