Outdoor Security Camera - Types: Benefits & Drawbacks

Almost all security cameras are installed outdoors, but there are many different ways of installing, powering and sending the video data when installing cameras for outdoor use.

There are 8 different types of outdoor security cameras:

We've sorted these solutions in this order: consumer commercial industrial government and traffic

1. Most Popular with Homeowners and HOAs: WireFree Outdoor Cameras

Wifi + Battery Powered = No Cabling Needed

Easiest to Setup, but also the most easily stolen.

Requires the cameras be in Wifi range.

Changing batteries can be frustrating, so we offer a small solar panel option.

Understanding Battery Life for Wire Free Cameras

Understanding why many popular Wire Free Cameras can't be in court and what we did to make sure that SCW WireFree Camera was a better product

SCW Shield Elite Alarm System

2. Most Popular with Businesses (and Upscale Homes): Wired POE IP Cameras

Although time consuming, there's just nothing that will ever be as reliable as running a cable.

100% Uptime: 24/7 recording and remote viewing.

Never have to change a battery.

Not easily stolen.

Bullet style cameras are usually installed on a wall. Dome and turret style cameras are most often installed on the soffit.

3. Great for Remote Locations (OIl and Gas, National Parks, Properties with Gates that don't have Power, etc): Solar Powered Solutions

Sometimes Outdoor Cameras need to be installed in areas without power.

The solar panels power the camera and charge the battery during the day. The cameras are powered by the battery at night.

Expensive and difficult to setup: you need to measure the amount of light that your location receives and usually get an engineering study in order to get a permit to install the solar panels.

Remote viewing enabled by either a 4G Verizon Wireless Modem or a Military Grade Wifi Wireless Beam to transmit the video data up to 5 Miles.

Outdoor Light-Post Powered Security Cameras

4. Great for Large Parking Lots and Roads: Lightpost Powered Solutions

Light poles are only powered at night, so these systems work like a solar system in reverse: the cameras and battery are powered at night from the light post and then the cameras use the battery power at night for the

Remote viewing enabled by either a 4G Verizon Wireless Modem or a Military Grade Wifi Wireless Beam to transmit the video data up to 5 Miles.

5. Great for Traffic and License Plate Recognition: Rekor Edge + SCW Cameras

Some outdoor security cameras have very unique needs: specifically they need to be able to count and track vehicles by their license plates.

We partnered with Rekor (the parent company behind OpenALPR - Open Automated License Plate Reader) to build a solution unique for local government and private enterprise.

Inside our standard electrical box mounts is a machine learning processor and a 4G modem, which enables license plates to be recognized and transmitted.