Business Alarm System

Finally, a DIY alarm appropriate for businesses.

Smart meet Secure.

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Shield Business Alarm Systems - Configured Exactly the Way You Need

Self Monitored or the Peace of Mind of 24/7 Professional Monitoring

SCW Shield Kits have two different ways packages based on how they will be monitored: a self-monitored plan or professional smart monitoring with home automation and a Verizon Wireless backup communicator.

Pay-As-You-Go Monitoring with No contracts and No commitments or Prepaid Yearly Packages with No Monthly Fees

Choose what works for you! Flexible monthly plans with no contract or commitments or yearly plans with no monthly fees.

    The Citadel


    The Parish


    The Fortress


    The Bastion


Business Class Security Everywhere You Go

Arm, Disarm, or Check Your Status from Anywhere - with the SCW Shield app.

With the SCW Shield app you’re able to check in and control your SCW Shield from anywhere with a few easy taps. No more wondering if you hit “arm” or left the door open when closing up shop.

Business Automation on the Go

Control your lighting, thermostats, garage doors, and almost anything you can put your mind to, all from one easy to use app.

SCW Shield App

SCW Shield Elite Alarm System with Pin Pad

Safety and Security You Can Trust

Rest assured that your assets, employees, customers, and everything you've worked for is safe.

Better Sensors

Smarter Monitoring

More Control

Thousands of Compatible Products

Automate Your Work Life

Shield Elite hub empowers you to fully automate your building operations.

Make Your Life Easier: Have your workplace's lights come on when you disarm and turn off when you arm Shield
Save Money: Have your AC turn off when you arm Shield and turn on an hour before you open
Prevent Disaster: Automatically turn off your water valve when Shield detects a water leak

automation example: arming systems turns off light

SCW Shield Smart Monitoring

A Smart Business Decision: Smart Monitoring.

Shield Smart Monitoring Sends the Right Help at The Right TIme.

Our Professional Monitoring Plans use SCW Shield sensor data so that the right authority gets notified quickly:

Police Department:

Motion or Intrusion Sensors
Panic Button on Key Fob or Pin Pad


Safecare Button

Minimal Design; Maximum Protection

Our simple, minimalistic pin pad blends effortlessly with the rest of your decor.

Our door and window sensors are 50% smaller than most of the industry.

The Shield Hub is hidden away in your supply closet. It uses custom encrypted wireless communication to talk to the sensors.

Thieves won't be able to disable the hub, because they can't find it.

SCW Shield Alarm System

SCW Shield Alarm System Residential vs Commercial Motion Sensor Design

Shield is Different

Here's one example of our attention to detail and emphasis on security: different motion sensors for commercial clients.

Our Commercial Indoor Motion Sensor is UL, IC, and FCC Listed for Commercial Insurance.

Unlike our competitors, we understand the needs of companies are different than those of individuals. Homeowners want motion sensors that aren't triggered by pets, but many corporate insurance plans won't accept pet-resistant motion sensors.

No Power, No Internet, No Problem

Comes standard with battery backup.

Doesn't need a landline since it uses the internet connection you already have.

Verizon wireless cellular backup come standard on Shield Elite Hubs.

no power, no internet, no problem

compatible brands

Open Platform

Shield Plays Well with Others

Don't get boxed into one provider: Shield works with thousands of products, already.

In addition to our propriety, secure, encrypted wireless sensors, Shield speaks the most common open home automation standard: Z-Wave.

Integrate your GE or Aeon Labs Smart Switch, GoControl, Trane, or Honeywell Smart Thermostat, and your Kwikset, Yale, or Schlage Smart Lock.

SCW Shield Alarm System


Shield Sensors are paired before they are shipped to you, so there's no complicated setup.

1. Plug it into your router.

2. Plug it into a wall socket

3. Download our app

Now your business is protected, connected, and future forward.

    The Citadel


    The Parish


    The Fortress


    The Bastion


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