How to Secure your Auto Dealership- Security Cameras and Alarms

Security Cameras and Alarms for Auto Dealerships

Are you interested in learning how to secure your Auto Dealership, but not sure where to start?

Use this piece hand-in-hand with our Beginner’s Guide for Securing Your Perimeter. It provides an excellent foundation and will help you think about the basics before you focus on the specific needs to your Auto Dealership.

Protecting an auto dealership is not an easy task. In addition to being responsible for protecting expensive vehicles, you’re also housing other valuable equipment like tools, key fobs, and personal financial information.

A dealership usually has several lots and buildings on site. You most likely have a showroom, car lots, a business office, and a mechanic shop (a topic we go into greater detail on in its own article on securing your mechanic shop). With so much going on in your dealership, securing it may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s where SCW comes in.

Your Auto Dealership Isn't As Safe As It Could Be

Any building — commercial, communal, industrial, or residential — faces its own unique set of threats. Before a person can act, they have to be aware. We’re here to break down what are potential threats to your Auto Dealership and how exactly you are able to handle them.

These are your top threats:



Financial Record and Safekeeping

Employee Accountability

Fire and Water Damage

How We Handle Your Threats

Each threat to your Auto Dealership is unique and requires a custom setup and a comprehensive plan. Below, we’ve laid out why you should be aware of each threat, what solutions we recommend for it, and how to best put your solutions into action.

How to Handle Theft

Theft is the main concern of most auto dealerships. Not only do you have expensive vehicles covering your lots and showrooms, you also have valuable equipment that needs protection. Auto dealerships are particularly vulnerable to theft because people can walk onto your lot and steal tires or other car parts Additionally, key fobs, tools, and other expensive equipment often goes missing. You’ll need to make sure you have coverage in areas where this equipment is kept.

What You Need

Long Range Bullet Camera

PTZ Camera

Make sure you have visibility of entrances and exits. We recommend mounting two Long Range Bullet Cameras outside of your main building. These will give you an overview of your parking lot. In addition to these two cameras, we recommend mounting a PTZ Camera, like The Scope, that patrols the large parking lot. You can use the preset function to zoom in on vulnerable areas. Not only will this combination allow you to ID faces, it will also give you good coverage at night.

How to Handle Vandalism

Unfortunately vandalism can be a chronic issue for businesses. Not to mention when an area gets vandalized, it usually happens more than once. This can be a frustrating and expensive problem for many business owners.

What You Need

Fixed Wide Angle Turret Camera

Glass Break Sensors

If there is a certain spot in your business that keeps getting vandalized, like a billboard or the front of your business, we recommend installing a Deputy 8 that covers that area.

Car dealerships often have large glass storefronts in showrooms. If your dealership has experienced frequent vandalism of large windows or glass then we recommend installing Glass Break Sensors on these areas. When you purchase an SCW Shield Alarm System and Smart Monitoring you’ll be notified when glass breaks inside of your building. This enables you to review the footage, and then make a decision about calling the authorities.

How To Handle Financial Record and Payment Safekeeping

Auto dealerships store personal and financial information inside their business offices. You need to make sure that these office areas have full coverage so your customers’ information is safe.

What You Need

Pin Pad

Smart Monitoring

Fixed Wide Angle Turret Camera

We recommend installing pin pads on doors that lead to accounting offices or other vulnerable areas. Give each employee a unique code, so you can track who is coming in and out of these areas. Inside of your business or accounting office, we also recommend installing a Deputy 8.0 in offices that store financial records and payment information. This ensures that you have footage in case someone tampers with sensitive information.

How To Handle Employee Accountability

Like any business, you need to make sure employees are acting professionally. Employees at auto dealerships are handling very expensive equipment, so its' important that you can make sure that equipment is being handles with care. Many dealerships have washing bays, so you'll need to make sure cars aren't scratched or damaged in these areas. Additionally, you may want to keep an eye on all high traffic areas. In the event of an assault or harassment complaint, you'll want to be able to access footage of employee and customer interactions and other employee interactions.

What You Need

Fixed Wide Angle Turret Camera

We recommend installing a Deputy 8.0 in high traffic areas or other areas of concern. For instance, if cars are getting damaged in car wash bays, then install these cameras in spots with the best vantage points. Always make sure to consider blind spots when you're thinking about installing cameras. In an auto dealership, you have a lot of large equipment that could cause blind spots. This means, you may need more cameras than a typical business for more coverage.

How to Handle Fires and Water Damage

Most auto dealerships have car washes, a mechanics shop, and even a kitchen for employees. That means there are a lot of opportunities for fires, floods, or other natural disasters.

What You Need

Smart Monitoring

3 in 1 Sensor for Smoke, Fire, and Temperature

Freeze/Leak Detector

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

By going with our Shield Alarm, one that features sensors on the lookout for environmental risks, you’re preventing emergencies before you have to handle them. Shield’s Smart Monitoring instantly sends the proper signal for the right help to arrive, whether that be an ambulance, a fire truck, or a police car.

Likewise, our 3 in 1 Sensor for Smoke, Fire, and Temperature alerts the fire department (and you) when smoke is detected, when an abrupt change in temperature has occurred, and when the temperature has exceeded a set threshold. Meanwhile, the Shield Alarm’s Freeze/Leak Detector notifies you when there’s excessive water or a temperature that is low enough to burst a pipe.

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