Do Small Businesses Use Home Security Systems?

Any size business, big or small, can determine its preferred security methods. However, we recommend using commercial-grade systems. These are housed in more durable materials and are wired, which reduces the risk of damage and lack of disconnection. How can your small business benefit from this? Here’s more.

1. A wired system is more secure

A commercial-grade security system is a wired system, which is not as much at risk of the internet going down. Additionally, the increased connection and security can prevent the footage from dropping and being misplaced. Without a wired connection, it can make systems vulnerable to losing connection, which can hinder security. If the system is tampered with or the internet connection is lost for some time, it gives intruders the chance to invade your property. With a wired connection, you have better security.

Furthermore, commercial-grade security systems are not as easy to steal. As they are wired, it will be challenging for intruders to pull the cameras down. This ensures that the cameras will stay in place.

2. You usually have better resolution/zoom capabilities

Wired connections offer better resolution capabilities. Through a wired connection, the security system can work quicker and more efficiently. The one-to-one connection means that the system can connect to devices faster, for clearer and more reliable footage.

With clearer footage, you will be able to zoom in on stills. In the case of an intruder, you will have a better chance of seeing the incident clearer. You may even be able to use the clearer footage as evidence to identify the criminals face.

Or, if a hazard was to occur at your place of business when it is unattended, such as a fire or technical issues, you will be able to have a clever image of what occurred. If you have a reduced resolution, you will have a reduced chance of seeing the zoomed images.

3. The hardware is weatherproof

To prevent business crime for small businesses around the clock, you can use commercial-grade surveillance systems as they can withstand any weather conditions. The hardware, wires, and external casing materials are weatherproof so that you can ensure your small business is protected all the time.

Finding weatherproof hardware can be challenging, especially with wireless security systems. Whereas wired systems can ensure better protection no matter the conditions they are in.

4. You have more support on the backend

Wired home security systems offer free lifetime support at any time of day. No matter when you need assistance or support, you can acquire it. The experts can help in case of a criminal intrusion, hazard issue, or technical difficulty.

You and the monitoring company can have 24/7 access to the security systems. This means that you can remotely access the cameras and have peace of mind when you leave your business unattended.

Additionally, with a free floor plan customization service, you can ensure that your entire building is monitored. Every inch of the floor can be seen with wired cameras. The cameras can intuitively track any movement and follow it while recording and saving the footage.

With constant backend support, you can ensure that your small business is connected and secure at all times of the day. Wired connections reduce the risk of connection dipping in and out. The combination of strong connection and constant support means you can ensure your business is secure and maintain peace of mind.

5. You can add AI/Analytics

Another benefit of installing wired commercial-grade surveillance systems is due to their ability to utilize AI and analytics features.

AI features allow surveillance systems to detect any movement. Whether there is a vehicle or person that approaches your business building, the camera will detect and start recording. Additionally, the detection can send an alert to your phone so that you can monitor the movement as it’s happening.

Furthermore, these features with the zoom capabilities can enable your small business to detect small details such as faces and license plates.

Wired commercial-grade security systems can offer incredible benefits to anyone size business, especially small businesses that cannot afford day-long physical security staff. They can enable individuals to have 24/7 security, instant and remote access, and endless support.

Using a wired setup means that you can have a strong connection, reduced risk of losing footage and/or control, and better resolution capabilities if you need to zoom or use your footage as evidence.

With an effortless and easy installation, you can have your small business surveilled and protected in no time.