5 Bad Habits That People in the Commercial Security Systems Industry Need to Quit

Many businesses are investing in commercial grade security systems for their premises. These are more advanced than standard CCTV or even smart systems as they use AI and analytics technology. There are plenty of other trends that you may have missed about commercial security systems, however, and they just might be even smarter than you originally thought. With the latest features constantly being developed and improved, commercial grade systems now also rely on night vision and audio cameras, and remote video storage, as part of a complete surveillance ecosystem. Here are a few of the latest trends in commercial security systems.

1. Remote video storage is a growing trend

Remote video storage is a more secure option. It allows businesses to store the footage from their surveillance cameras off-sight. This is done via the internet. As well as being stored securely at encrypted cloud-based locations, you can also retrieve the footage on electronic devices such as your desktop or smartphone remotely. This is both a secure and convenient way to store video from your surveillance cameras.

More and more, you'll see deep learning added to surveillance systems to search footage in seconds

Commercial grade surveillance systems use AI and analytics to determine trends and suspicious behaviors. They can also search for these in seconds by going through your footage. This is much more efficient than having to watch and analyze security tapes. With deep learning, you can also program your surveillance to look out for particular trends according to the nature of your business operations.

2. Professional installation services will be used more often

If you’re going to invest in the most state-of-the-art security system, you’ll want to ensure it’s installed correctly, tested, and maintained. For this reason there’s been an increase in demand for professional security installation. Whereas previously a general technician or a particularly handy business owner or employee could install a security system, this advanced technology requires a higher standard of expertise.

3. More consumers will be interested in integration and creating a full surveillance ecosystem

Creating a full surveillance ecosystem makes sense as then everything is connected and visible via one interface. Businesses will be able to control their entire security system from a single device. This is similar to the idea of a smart home or office as it increases ease of use and convenience. There will also be an increase in the area covered by surveillance cameras as with the increase in efficiency there will no longer be the need to focus on specific problem areas only.

4. Thermal cameras

Another trend is the introduction of more advanced tools such as thermal cameras. Thermal cameras work by detecting infrared energy, or heat, and converting it into a visual image. They are now more commonly being used for surveillance applications. They allow businesses to be more proactive about their security as they detect approaching threats or incidents quickly. With thermal cameras integrated into a surveillance ecosystem you can also protect your business against damage caused by machine failure or other accidents, for example.

5. Night vision cameras

Night vision cameras are also becoming more popular. These originally used infrared technology to identify shapes in the dark. A common application of night vision cameras is on drones, for instance. This technology has been adopted to protect many commercial properties around the world. Advanced night vision cameras now use integrated full-spectrum white lights which allow you to take color video in the dark. They also project an infrared light onto objects which is invisible to the naked eye, yet the camera can perfectly record the object.

6. Audio cameras

Businesses are also installing an audio camera as part of their commercial grade systems. These record the audio as well as the video. Whereas audio recording can be illegal in certain situations, there are certain ways to get around this. It’s important to clearly display that the camera is in fact an audio camera. You should also check state privacy laws to ensure you make the right choice for your commercial property. With added audio, legally recorded, this will give your security staff even more information to help them do their job. It is an added bonus.

A commercial grade surveillance system could significantly improve security for your business. With advances in technology such as AI and analytics, night vision and audio cameras, and remote video storage, you can have peace of mind that your commercial property is being protected. If you would like further information about commercial grade systems find out more today.