An interesting article/story appeared in the popular 904 magazine this month. The store was about the price of security and more the importance of having security cameras in your business model. For about over a year now Security Camera Warehouse has been writing and stressing the importance of what security cameras really provide. Although every CCTV application is different, security cameras bring a sense of peace-of-mind and economies of scale to any situation. However, the article in the 904 magazine talked more about why businesses should have security cameras in their establishment. It mentioned that in this days tough economy, businesses of all kinds are concerned about financial security, however, they should also be concerned about physical security. They should be protecting their equipment, inventory, customers, and employees. Kerry Speckman, writer in the article, mentioned that financial security and physical security are intertwined. In so that if a theft occurs, store is robbed, or customer get's injured, they could be facing many different looks of financial disappointments. Life is very hard, risky, and unpredictable. In fact, a good business owner anticipates, gambles, and figures out a way to turn things around. However, it is hard to fight these problems without good and real-time information. Security cameras bring that measure to a controllable effort. Mr. Speckman also mentioned how 10 or 20 years ago, security systems, cameras and many other efforts were really expensive. Now you can get an 8 channel CCTV system with your own wireless alarm system for under 1000. Of course, you know with Security Camera Warehouse, we offer discount prices on all sorts of security equipment. We even provide information about how to integrate certain surveillance cameras, dvrs, and alarm systems into different applications and environments. So you can also get good, free, consulting before you make the investment. That is what we do here! We want to ensure that we understand your application and make sure you get what you need so you can create more economies of scale for your business.


There was also a small blurb about how the owner of, "European Street Cafe", mentioned how they under-estimated the price of having security. Back in 1992, when European Street Cafe opened in Riverside, did not have any video surveillance, they used a dummy camera instead. To their surprise, one day they got robbed and it was an armed robbery! It was not until the armed robbery that the owner implemented video surveillance at all his restaurants! This is okay, but the behavior should be a lot more preventive. Why wait until something happens? For businesses owners, you could try and skate by, but you are really playing some risky cards. All it takes is for someone to get shot in your establishment, a slip and fall or something very dangerous, if you don't have video that can show what happen, you could be liable and have some serious financial losses. Our goal is not scare anyone into getting a video surveillance system. Think of it as an investment to ensure that you can put a stop to hemorrhaging financial losses and have more money to invest into your business or a new toy you can buy later. If you are in a position where you need a CCTV system, call our 800 line and speak to one of our CCTV consultants today!