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INC Magazine rated SCW one of the fastest growing companies in America.

We offer Residential and Commercial Grade Equipment at DIY Prices with included Lifetime World Class Technical Support from USA Based Staff, Five Year Warranties You can Actually Use, and Expert Advice from Knowledgable Professionals.

SCW Shield Alarm

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Home Alarm Systems

    Safespace package #1

    Protect your retreat from danger

    The Sanctuary,  package #1

    Relax knowing your safe with the Resort package

    Stronghold system

Business Alarm Systems

    Protect your Storefront today!

    The Citadel package

    Protect yourself with the Parish system!

    The Fortress System

    Stay secure with the Bastion

Unique Kit Quote

SCW Shield Elite Alarm System with Pin Pad

SCW Shield Alarm System

Impressive Quality.

Flexible Monitoring Plans.

Easy to Use.

Effortless Setup.

Powerful Features

Smart Home Automations.

The Powerful Shield Elite Hub is revolutionizing alarms for Home and Business.

Automation Included.

Shield Elite hub empowers you to fully automate your home or business.

Make Your Life Easier: Have your foyer light come on when you open your door
Save Money: Have your AC turn off when you open a window
Prevent Disaster: Automatically turn off your water valve when Shield detects a water leak

automation example: arming systems turns off light

SCW Shield Smart Monitoring

Smart Sensors & Smart Monitoring.

Shield Smart Monitoring Sends the Right Help at The Right TIme.

Our Professional Monitoring Plans use SCW Shield sensor data so that the right authority gets notified quickly:

Police Department:

Motion or Intrusion Sensors
Panic Button on Key Fob or Pin Pad


Safecare Button

The One-of-a-Kind Shied Portal Included

Use Shield Portal to:

Adjust Your Plan

No contracts. No commitments

Manage Your Devices

Manage multiple locations in one place.

View and Download Full Audit Logs

Know when your kids arrive at home from school.

Know when your cleaning company comes and goes.

Know when your teenager disarms the alarm to sneak out in the middle of the night.

Know when employees arrive late

Know who works on Saturdays.

Know exactly whose code was used to disarm the system right before a theft.

SCW Shield Setup is Easy

SCW Shield Setup is Easy

Effortless Installation

Shield Sensors are paired before they are shipped to you, so there's no complicated setup.

1. Plug it into your router.

2. Plug it into a wall socket

3. Download our app

Now your home is protected, connected, and future forward.

Choose a Simple Kit:

Or Make it Your Own


Security and device automation can be complicated: that's why the greatest thing you get with any SCW system is:

American-Based Technical Support after the sale. For FREE. Forever.

Real review from Fransisco, who had this to say:

The most important part of a purchase like this is the support for technical assistance when there is a question or when there is a problem, and they always exceed expectations!

All of our equipment comes with Free Technical Support that is US based (Our Warehouse and Staff are located in Asheville, NC). We're happy to help you via chat, email, screenshare / remote support sessions, and phones. Our number is 866-414-2553 and we're open from 9-7 M-F (EST).

scw support included

We care about delivering world class service, so if you have any questions, give us a call at 866-414-2553.

We'd be happy to help you setup any of our devices. Most companies view their service teams as an area to cut costs: outsourcing labor and paying low wages. We believe the opposite - that great, memorable service brings people back and gets them to spread the word.

Our support is 100% free and never expires.

Our warranty is for 5 years.

If you don't like anything, return it within 30 days with the original packaging. No big deal.

Real Review from Joe, who had this to say:

The courtesy and politeness when contacting this company as well as their technical competence has proven to deliver the "best of the best" business models of any technical company I've ever worked with.

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