Every security camera system has one of two options for power: Power Supply Adapters and Power Boxes.


What are differences between Power Supply Adapters and PTC Power Box


Advantages and Disadvantages of a PTC Power Box


PTC power supply boxes regulate power surges and collect all your security camera power cables into one, organized location. Which means that in the event of a power surge, brown-out, or overloads, no current can pass through and damage your security cameras. Power Boxes are a great way to prevent damage while also organizing the power cables to your security cameras.


The main disadvantage of a PTC power box is that they do require some knowledge of stripping cable and properly connecting power to the right terminal.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Power Supply Adapter


The main advantage in using power adapters is simplicity. Everything is terminated and takes less than 2 mins to connect. This is great for many residential applications and small business environments.


You generally want to use a PTC power box if you have the sufficient knowledge on how to connect power in this manner, as you will have better organized and protected against power surges.

You will want to use power supply adapters if your cameras are spread out to such a degree that getting all their power lines to one central area is impossible or cumbersome, or if you have a very small CCTV system, or if you do not feel comfortable with wiring.