If you are looking for another way to view your security cameras, a CCTV color quad is the way to go. The unit we feature here has some special abilities like it has the ability to freeze frame, has alarm inputs, motion detection, and many other features. This is the best you can do, before you can actually purchase a security dvr with a hard drive. If you have a T.V. then you are set, all you have to do is choose which way you want to transmit your signal. With the right connector, you can either use a RCA to BNC setup and use your T.V.s RCA inputs or you can use a coaxial cable and use your T.V.s analog input to run your quad to. After setting everything up and installing your cameras, you can switch to video 1 or video 2 to view all feeds from your security cameras. Again this is very popular option for beginning CCTV surveillance systems. This will great for any residential home or small business application. Many home owners use this setup to watch their front and back doors. If you are looking for a discount option to CCTV then this is certainly the best option.