So if you are wondering about the picture, you should. No, we are not trying to call anyone out, but we consider this to be a preventative measure or a technical support lesson for security cameras that might not work. If you have experienced an issue with a brand new security camera and you are wondering why it may be damaged, then this is directly related to two problems. One problem that seeming to become more and more popular is hooking up the wrong power supply to your security camera system. Now we sell all of our security cameras with the correct power supplies. We double check and triple check to make sure the power supplies match up correctly with cameras amperage requirement. Even still we will have some people go out to Radio Shack and purchase additional power supplies. If you are going to do that then make sure you have the right amperage. For most security dealers on the web, they list all the specs on the products. You can find the camera's amperage require it will tell you what it needs to run. Cameras with small amperage requirements are small dome cameras, bullet cameras, and hidden security cameras. Infrared security cameras will have a higher amount or amperage requirements. That is due to the infrared LED bulbs that are onboard. The infrared bulbs will require a lot more amperage than any regular color camera. This can pose a problem, because if you have a power supply that is the wrong amperage you can blow up the camera, burn out the IR lights, or short the circuitry of the security camera. So having the wrong power supply is having the wrong power supply. If your camera is dead and you do not know why, then check the power adapter you have and check the spec sheet that came with your camera and see if your power supply has the right amount required amperage. You want to be very suspicious if you have a security camera with a lot of infrared lights, because you do want to make sure the power supply is at least 1amp. If you do not have a security camera below 12 infrared lights or a hi-resolution color security then half an amp should work. If you are unsure, call and speak to a tech or join our forum and ask a question.