Remote connect to a security dvr with 3g cell phone

Looking for a way to wonder is your Black Berry, iPhone, or any other graphical user interphase cell-phone can remotely monitor your security cameras? We have found that as long as you can have the right speed with a 3G network, then you can! We have a few different forum post and conversations where this became a question of how someone could monitor IP cameras on their BlackBerry. After some long thought, if your phone has a web browser, then you can access your dvr's client/remote software. With the right user permission, your dvr's gui should display and thus with the right user permission you can will be able to see your security camera footage with real-time video. The only thing that could interfere with this process is your network's bandwidth limit. If your surveillance system is pulling too much bandwidth at one time, then you might experience glitchy video. Other than that if the 3G network you are on is strong, then you should have no problem using your phone's web browser to see your security cameras. If you have any questions just write us and we can refer you to information on how to assign your security dvr an ip address.