Here is really neat surveillance software you can use as a tool to develop or try and help blue-print your own CCTV setup. We found it on this website JVSG CCTV Software Design. You can download it for free. Sure the graphical user interphase is a little standard, but you can configure angle of views and create an idea of how certain lens sizes and chip-sets work. The best part about this software is, you can use the software in your beginning stages to build the right scenario and figure out what camera types will work best for you. You don't have to buy it, but this sure could help answer some initial questions you might have about choosing the right CCTV cameras for your CCTV application. We tested the software and find that it is good enough to help any newbies grasp the concept of how security camera systems work without having to talk to a high-pressure sales rep. Visit the site today and try the software for free.