If you have been looking for an efficient way to put up a mini security camera system in you car, you can now stop your search, because we have it! We now have a mini surveillance dvr that you can install into your automobile/car that would let you record. The dvr backs up to a SD card. The SD card can be popped into a SD slot on your laptop or computer. From there you can use software to extract the video format and make a CD for archiving.

Many people contact us with very unquie situations some harmless and some situations that are dangerous. Majority of the request we get are from people that want to put a security dvr in their cars, because of disputes with neighbors while driving. Some people think that these neighbor wars go on hold when away from their domains. But we have had many people call us frantically looking for a solution to capture violence from neighbors away from home. In fact, we have situations where a neighbor was threatening to run their victim off the road, as in an attempt to threaten or make threats against their life. This is just flat wrong! We are proud to offer a discount security camera solution, that will help put these above-the-law-misfits in a re-programming institution. So for all of you that have very unique demands for a mobile security dvr, have peace-of-mind, because the technology is in our warehouse! We are going to be putting up a new menu with this device in a few days. All the specifications, images, and integration tips will be there for your interest. Call our 800 line and talk to a tech today about how the device can help you.