Well we have added whole section of CCTV accessory items to our website and catalog. Out of the many different items we have cataloged and put up for sale, the best value accessory was our HDMI cables. This is very exciting! Even if you are not looking to setup a CCTV system, we have HDMI cable that are compatible with 720P, 1080P, and 1600P television monitors, Xboxes and Playstation 3s! The best part is we are selling this hi-definition cable for just $20.00! We have shelf full of them and we are looking to move
them fast.

Now if you are searching for hi-definition video from a CCTV surveillance system, then definitely take a look at setting up your video with one of these cables. The best thing you can do is have H.264 video compression, high resolution security cameras (even ip cameras), and a good monitor setup to watch live or playback video. You could come out of the DVR analog or VGA signal. Now you can find third-party HDTV kits where you can come in analog or VGA signal and run it to a monitor for hi definition. However, they still do not sell the HDMI cabling with the unit. So if you want to save yourself 100 dollars, buy one from us, we order enough of these in bulk to give you the right price. Visit our CCTV accessories for our discount hdmi cables today.