While traveling during the holidays, we are constantly reminded of how we depend on security cameras to be a second pair of eyes for many different environments. In the real world, there are many variables that change at un-predictable rates. As a result, we have naturally expressed the demand for such technology. Here at security camera warehouse we have embraced the need for supplying the best quality security cameras to help in supplying such needed demand. But we cannot help and just notice how many CCTV cameras there are in the world. Every public place of businesses, airports, government buildings, have them in very targeted areas. We wrote a blog not too long ago, where many American states have already implemented ptz security cameras on the highways to keep an eye on things. For most terrorist, thieves, and other negative forces to society just want to blend in and try and sneak their motives through. But soon security cameras will have the ability to spot suspicious behavior and decrease the chances of attacks, thefts, shrink, death and many other threatening situations. Information is powerful and every environment behaves differently.


For example Starbucks a simple place for coffee, biscuits, cake and fine chairs. They have loaded their store with the very finest in dome security cameras. In an environment like this, Starbucks, needs to be able to make sure employees function with the utmost benefit for profits and reputation. A district manager can easily remotely connect into the network of cameras and monitor behavior, waste, sales, and customer interaction. All this data helps a manager discover why profits are down, or why certain things happen the way it does. No one wants to be watched 24/7 but the fact security cameras are operational makes things go more according to plan. Employees and people tend to behave in the best fashion when cameras are present. But here is an environment that uses security camera systems for a very dynamic purpose. Without them a business like Starbucks will spend more money trying to manage an operation.


Here is a snapshot of the security cameras that were there. You can see them watching the workers and customers. It pays no benefit to try anything in an establishment like this. We have many different users of security cameras and CCTV technology. The main purpose of all security cameras is to capture the right information. Every application is different, but all have the same goal. Information is so powerful! It helps in making the right decisions which lead to solving real problems. Another example of this is a picture below of a UPS Van! Even UPS has cameras on their drivers. Initially, we want to sell the technology for various reasons, but in the end people use the technology in the ways that benefit them the most. We consult here for the application for many different people, businesses and organizations. We do also supply for many groups, resellers, and contractors. But from time to time we cannot help but notice the birth and use of A.I., artificial intelligence.