After purchasing your security cameras, one of the many things people do not think of is about how to run power to their security cameras. You will need a secondary solution for running power. We just wrote a blog about how to do that a day ago. However, this post is more about our power adapters. A power adapter is a mechanism that assist you with establishing a run of power to your security camera.

If you are going to use a power adapter other than the factory power supply, you will need to convert to a new solution. We suggest using RG59 coaxial cable with an 18x2 power pair. This is a solution with both video and power in one casing. Here is where you will need a power adapter. To accomplish running power to your security camera you will need to connect the ends of the 18x2 pair the positive (red) and the negative (black). You will have to "crimp" or "tighten" down the wire to make the connection. When finished you will have a very clean finish. This solution is how you are to supply power to your security cameras with out the "original" power supply adapter. Consider this an after-market-solution, but a good one. Going with this solution will solve problems with running extra cable for video and power, locating surveillance cameras free of wall-outlets, and a very clean installation finish for your security camera system.