Running power to your security cameras can be a challenge when you are ready to actually install them. One of the first things that many people don't realize when purchasing their security camera systems is that the factory power supplies are very short and cannot reach most outlets. Most outlets are very inconvenient and you will cause you some headache when you are trying to get the right angle of view or security points covered. So for those of you that fit into this application, have faith there is a solution!

You can use a non-hard-wired power supply box and this will allow to run cable to any particular security camera and solve the distance issues. You will need to throw away the stock power supply and use our recommended solution. We suggest using a siamese coaxial RG59 cable with a 18x2 pair. To connect to 18x2 power you need a 2.1mm pig-tail power adapter for your security camera to connect to the raw 18x2 pair cable. The siamese RG59 cable is very convenient. This is what you need to run power and video to your cameras. So whatever video cable or power cable you have now, throw it to the side and use our recommended solution. Connecting the RG59 cable is very simple. You will need to twist on a bnc connector for video and connect the end to the security camera's video adapter. When you are finished connecting the ends to the camera, you repeat the same steps to the dvr. While running the cable to the dvr you can seperate the video and the power by pulling the two apart (the video and the power) and run the video to the dvr and the power to the power supply box. To connect the power to the power supply box, all you have to do to connect power to the power box is to strip off some the cable insulation and you tie down the positive and negative terminal to the correct spot and wah-la; your done.

If you are experiencing trouble figuring out where you are going to mount your security cameras because of power location limitations stop! Look into a power supply box. The power supply box can be plugged into an outlet. There is no hard-wiring to do. This is great for end-users because it is a plug and play solution. The connection fitting that you need is a RG59 Siamese cable solution. This solution allows you to run video and power in one run. This will save you tons of time and headache. For the raw ends of the rg59 cable you will need a twist on bnc connector and a 2.1mm power adapter for the 18X2 power pair. It is really simple tograte these ends to the CCTV camera, Surveillance dvr and power supply box. But the main go can mount your surveillance cameras where you want and not have to worry about the limitations of the power supply adapter. If you have any other questions or you need additional help, write to us and we can help you.