When you are shopping for a Security Camera System, know that it is wiser to get a complete system upfront, than trying to piece together a system from scratch. We have several customers that try and buy three or four cameras and expect to get cable and connectors for free. Most of all our security cameras are discounted and they are not poor quality. The object of buying single cameras or even three cameras is for a local, live monitoring system. In most cases, retail stores will use quad setups to deter people from stealing. If you are a residential customer do not make this the base for your CCTV setup. Usually you will see this in a Walmart or Target store. Believe us when we tell you they have an massive setup. But for residential customers, there are many issues that will hinder you from trying to go cheap and buy just one or two cameras. We deal a little different here. Although we want to sell cameras, our main goal is to make sure our customers, understand what they are buying and evaluate what they really want to do and help them see value instead of cost. Most newbies, do not really see value when shopping. Price is Price! But knowing the value of doing something makes it priceless. However, we like to sell complete systems, because we want our customers to purchase hi-quality security cameras, dvrs, and all the accessory items. In this process we give killer discounts and thus you save in the long run. Most think they can go cheap by avoiding certain items like good video cable, and a dvr. A lot of residential customers will use the RCA inputs on their T.V.s to save and not have a recorder to input to. Usually the main reason they are getting a CCTV setup is due to an unusual amount of unwanted behavior or situations around the home. Naturally your security application will need to grow, based on the demand of certain events. In the long run, you will end up having to upgrade and order more equipment. Sometimes, we have had customers have to upgrade to better cameras, because they did not think out the whole CCTV setup from the beginning. So if you think you cannot afford a complete system you are wrong. You can! You can get a great setup and have peace-of-mind. Security is too important to take short cuts, in the end you will find your self unhappy and stuck with cameras that cannot help you if you do not plan properly.