Fast food restaurants are strong buyers of surveillance equipment. We were on lunch break today and we could not but help notice this huge cmount camera watching the cash register area. This camera had to be at least a foot long. We assumed that it was for watching the cash registers during lunch rush. You'll be surprised that people sneak money out of the register in between sales. Even if it is less than five dollars at a time it still can be devastating to the owners profit margin, especially if they have more than 10 chains. That could be a loss of like 200 dollars or more a day. Those numbers are just not something you want to see when you are the one holding the bag. But we have never seen so much consistency in a customer base than the fast food industry. Usually you just see a dome camera or a tiny bullet camera inside at most McDonald's, Burger King's, Wendy's, and Arby's. No low-grade security cameras here. This Burger King even may have had a POS (point-of-sale) system hooked up to this CCTV system. Most places will use a nice looking bullet camera, so it still is not too obvious. Cmount cameras are just ugly looking but, they have the best resolution and overall picture out of all camera types. A word of warning to all potential crooks, if you see cmount cameras, RUN! Crooks be aware never even think of robbing one of these places, because they are loaded with surveillance equipment.