How to Create a Surveillance Ecosystem for Your Convenience Store

Exactly what is a surveillance ecosystem when applied to convenience store operations?

We’re all familiar with biological ecosystems. A farm pond is a great example. Specific organisms and plants must be present and interact in a balanced manner to support the food chain. The result is water teeming with life.

A business surveillance ecosystem for convenience stores is not that different. Substitute freshwater and aquatic life for a complex electronic network, one that functions as an interconnected system.

Once end users stop viewing their security cameras as a passive installation, the numerous proactive applications for SCW’s professional-grade surveillance systems are quickly recognized. Adding a few key hardware and software components to a well-designed security camera system opens up valuable data access to every aspect of your convenience store operation.

Financial benefits are instantaneous, time savings abundant, and integration seamless.

Want to know how SCW can build a new surveillance ecosystem for your convenience store business? Read on.

All the right parts

Wild sales claims are made every day. Not all products or every company can be “the best.”

Our sincere claim at SCW is that we have gone to all lengths to secure and provide the highest quality components and the latest and best technology available--all for you. That means there isn’t a single weak link in the chain of security we offer.

Gain control of your facility’s accessibility

You have no control over who arrives at your convenience store. Strangers drive onto your lot. Others walk up from all directions. Their intentions are unknown and any of them can be a potential shoplifter or armed robber.

The goal is to keep the bad guys out while allowing easy access for both legitimate customers and employees. Though that might sound difficult, there is a significant solution.

SCW Access Control is a reliable mobile door entry system with scalable cloud-based software. Fast and flexible the integration capabilities are endless. Secure, touchless access offers convenience as you’ve never seen!

Our touchless access control and automatic door opening offer hands-free unlock configurations. It improves your security posture by using one IT-approved platform to securely authenticate across your entire business.

The system also adds an extra layer of security by leveraging biometric and multi-factor authentication built-in to the user’s smartphone.

The features and functions of SCW’s Access Control are impressive:

  • With a wave of their hand, users unlock the door without needing to take out their phone or open the app to unlock the door. Via its smartphone app and Bluetooth, the phone can remain in the user’s pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Touchless door activation method keeps people moving through your facility without creating crowding around secured entryways.
  • Choose which areas remain public and which are kept private--employee-only areas, private offices, stockrooms, cashpoints.
  • The fastest, most secure entry experience with patented Triple Unlock technology--cellular, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth. Works even if the internet is down.
  • Mobile badge, Apple watch, encrypted key cards, and fob accessibility as well.
  • Automatic entry detection makes it easy to unlock the right door.
  • Activate Lockdown plans in the event of an emergency, all from the app
  • Instantly issue and revoke access from any device to adjust for personnel changes
  • Remote unlock lets users open doors from anywhere
  • Digital Guest Pass eliminates shared key cards and controls entry and exit times for maintenance personnel, cleaning crews, or building contractors
  • Set hours for store closing and never worry again if doors were locked at night
  • Easy to install, and integrates with your existing security system

When it comes to shaping the smart businesses of tomorrow, touchless entry and automated door systems play a key role in creating future-proof spaces that are safe, secure, and adaptable.

The eyes have it: without optics there’s nothing

In all likelihood, there are blind spots in your surveillance system, both outdoors and inside your convenience store. Along with a lack of cameras, you may also be dealing with underperforming or outdated cameras.

Your security system is only as good as the quality of video capture your cameras provide. Maybe insufficient camera range capabilities leading to a lack of well-defined resolution.

Whatever the shortcoming, blurry images aren’t going to resolve liability disputes or solve crimes.

“Value” is the word to best describe SCW cameras. It’s a term earned by performance, durability, and price. In the context of getting what you pay for, SCW cameras are a high-value purchase.

We’re not bashful about bragging on our cameras! We think so much of them that we offer a free three-year warranty with your purchase. Or expand that to five years. That’s because we’ve combined durable construction with our high-tech optics.

From our sleek bullet, dome, PTZ, or panoramic cameras, SCW’s IP digital cameras all shoot in high definition (HD). With resolution from 1080P to 4k (4x1080P), they provide quality images that blow away the competition. Our wide variety of surveillance cameras are perfect for covering your parking lot, gas pumps, and store interiors.

Outstanding Infrared Night Vison capabilities on our cameras assure that you’ll get video capture of any attempted threats day or night.

One member of our SCW security family, Parker’s, is a convenience store chain in Georgia and South Carolina. With sixty-six locations, they deal with law enforcement officers from many jurisdictions, but the response is consistently the same. Ken, with Parker’s, had this to offer in praise of SCW cameras:

“We get just clear video, clear pictures. The police departments that we deal with are in awe of the facial quality. They come in and say, ‘Hey, I need video. Can you see if you can get a face?’ And not only do we get the face, but also clear tattoos, and we can tell them everything about the vehicle. And as soon as they see it, it's just like, ‘This is amazing!’"
Now is the time to upgrade your security system. Replace those outdated cameras, particularly analog, that are unable to identify individuals and vehicles.

Modernize. With a new SCW system, you will truly see the difference.

Check out these standard features:

  • Motion detection, continuous, and event recording modes
  • Infrared night vision
  • Send snapshot emails
  • Commercial-grade aluminum molding provides durable housing
  • 1 click firmware update
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Auto-grade LEDs
  • Headlight compensation
  • Auto defog

SCW cameras perform to the highest standards. SCW cameras outlast the competition.

Tap into the speed of AI Analytics

Now we’ve arrived at the brains behind your new surveillance ecosystem.

SCW is proud to announce our partnership with Survail -- an AI-powered video analytics platform that’s affordable and scalable, with immediate impact. Survail can help businesses save time, save money, and improve their physical security.

The benefits begin at the moment of installation!

You have paid staff far too long to sift through endless video footage in search of meaningful frames. Not to mention the countless hours responding to a mountain of e-mail false alerts. It’s past time you had a surveillance system that did the searching for you, that identified individuals and vehicles and alerted you to real threats as they were occurring.

Save time
Save 80% of the annual salary a security guard would cost. Stop wasting money on someone reviewing footage all the time. Let Survail's AI-powered video analytics do it for you.

Save money
No more hunting and pecking for video timestamps in your surveillance footage. Meaningful notifications make it easy to find the perfect clip when you need it

Save headache
It's never been easier to manage your camera system. With our all-inclusive dashboard, you can seamlessly connect any mix of security cameras across every location.

Infinitely scalable
New cameras are not required! Read that again because you may have seen competitors who offer what they call AI systems that will only function if you buy their brand of camera. Survail is camera agnostic, a fancy way of saying that its software will integrate with virtually any type of surveillance camera.

With Survail, you don't have to buy all new security equipment to supercharge your convenience store’s surveillance system. That’s huge!

All of your cameras in one place
Think limitless--unlimited cameras at unlimited locations on one platform with one login. With Survail, you can see everything from anywhere. Just imagine being able to monitor your convenience store enterprise in multiple locations simultaneously, from anywhere!

Survail identifies what matters most to you in less than a second

Survail does all the searching for you. It analyzes video images from unlimited cameras simultaneously, detecting and reporting incidents in real-time.

No more delays of precious minutes extending the search for the source of alarm. Survail sends a notification in a split-second when a potential incident is occurring.

Property loss, robberies, and fire damage are reduced. Outcomes altered.

Gone is the need for outdated software. You no longer need an NVR. Even the requirement for a web browser is eliminated when you combine Survail with your existing security cameras. Free of the web, your system can never be hacked!
As a bonus, Survail can operate fully if your convenience store is located in an area with poor or unavailable internet service. That expands your options for new site development.

Take a look at how Survail can benefit you with more never-seen-before features:

  • Reduce false liability claims with real-time coverage of your entire operation
  • Multiple convenience store locations can be combined and viewed simultaneously
  • Ultimate cybersecurity entirely free of the Internet
  • Filter by person, vehicle, camera, date, or time
  • Smart AI-Analytics proactively eliminate worthless events and reduce email alerts
  • Immediate alerts by either text message, email, or automatic phone call to first responders
  • No more endless hours searching video footage; easily discoverable events
  • New apps on the way to expand its ability
  • Survail works right out of the box

Contact us for a free demo and see what the power of Survail can do for you.

Invest in the best

SCW’s professional-grade equipment is rugged and performance-driven. Our sophisticated technology is both simple to install and maintain. Each component is backed by the free support of our US-based technical staff for the lifetime of your security system.
Our promise of world-class customer service and technical support is central to providing you with the best security available, anywhere.
Over 4,000 Five-Star reviews and a Birdeye score of 4.9 says more than we can about the standards of our business practices.

Your convenience store operation is a lifelong investment. Let us help you modernize it. Step up to the latest in business security and we’ll make your new surveillance ecosystem a reality.