How To Get Better Results Out Of Your Surveillance System

If you’ve got a surveillance system in place but you’re facing problems with it or you simply think you could get more from it, there are plenty of options out there for you to explore.

No system is perfect and there’s a wide range of changes, both big and small, that can positively impact the results you get out of your surveillance system. The 5 ideas we’re about to talk about will all help you to get better results from your system, so read on to find out about them.

1. Clean the Lenses of Your Camera Properly and Regularly

First of all, you should do the basic things right and ensure minor issues don’t prevent you from getting the best possible results from your surveillance system. That certainly involves keeping your cameras clean and your overall system in good check. This is usually all it takes to keep the results of your surveillance system positive.

In particular, you should make sure that your camera’s lenses are kept clean. If there are smudges or a build up of dirt on the lenses of your security cameras, these will negatively impact the quality of the footage your cameras capture, and that’s obviously a problem. So be sure to keep them as clean as they can be.

2. Make Sure Your Cameras Are Installed in the Right Places

Next, you should think about the specific positions and places in which your cameras are located. If you don’t install them in the right places, it’s going to negatively impact the footage that you’re able to capture. You don’t want your choice of camera positions to create blind spots where your cameras aren’t capturing things they should.

If you’ve been finding that you’re not quite capturing the footage that you’d like to capture, you might need to change the direction your cameras are facing or simply add new cameras to make up for any blind spots that might currently be present. Poorly positioned cameras are never a good thing for any surveillance system.

3. Create Enough Storage to Preserve Recorded Footage

When you’re constantly recording footage from outside your premises, you’re going to be generating a lot of footage that you might want to go back to and check later for a variety of different reasons. And that’s why it’s so important to think about storage space and how all of that footage is going to be made accessible going forward.

You can’t afford to ignore the importance of creating storage space and ensuring the storage space you need is always accessible. If you don’t have the required amount of storage space in place, you’ll end up having difficulties as old footage will be overwritten much faster and old footage will end up getting lost.

4. Consider Using AI Powered Video Surveillance

There are a range of ways in which AI is starting to be used in video surveillance systems. If you want to upgrade your security system, this is certainly one of the things that you’ll want to be looking at. AI is a growing force in the world of surveillance, and you can get ahead of the curve by checking it out now.

There are lots of ways in which AI is useful from a surveillance point of view. First of all, AI is capable of things like face or vehicle recognition. They can then identify certain risk factors and alert the business owner or the security staff overseeing the system. It’s something that’s definitely worth exploring and finding out more about.

5. Improve the Lighting to Ensure Better Quality Footage lighting system that you currently have in place alongside your video surveillance system. If you have a great and top of the range security and surveillance system in place, you need to have the lighting arrangements to match up with it.

Failing to do that will lead to areas not being recorded properly or it could lead to the generation of footage that’s simply not up to scratch during the night time. Good lighting can be a deterrent in itself when accompanied with motion sensors, so it’s a security measure you might want to put in place if you haven’t already.

Each of the things we’ve talked about here will help you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your surveillance system, so be sure to make the most of them. A few small changes can turn your ineffective surveillance system to something that’s suitable for businesses.