Upcoming Black Friday Security And Safety Tips

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Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for retail stores. It is a time where people express themselves through their purchases and grab great bargains for discount prices. However, many stores do not have safety or security measures in place. This promotes a dangerous work environment and encourages shrinkage or precious merchandise. It is important security measures are put in place so no one gets hurt and the day goes by as smoothly as possible. Includes are several security and safety tips for any retail store on the busiest day of the year.

Theft Deterrents

There are many way to secure your store and prevent theft in the process. For example, thieves are attracted to outside and front displays when stores are operating over capacity. While it would be best to avoid outside displays altogether, they can be guarded by store employees to prevent stealing. Employees should be stationed at entrances and exits to watch customers as they come in and leave the store. Potential thieves will decide it is not worth the risk if these measures are taken since they do not want to be caught.

In addition, visible security cameras are an extremely effective deterrent for theft. Even a dummy camera in plain view will scare off potential thieves. The fear of having themselves caught on camera will wipe away any notions they had about stealing merchandise.

Lastly, consider hiring retired or off-duty police officers or contacting a small private security sector to work as security guards for the day. Make sure they are wearing uniforms which clearly marks them as security. Have them walk around the store to watch customers. Their presence will make shoplifters uneasy with stealing with security patrolling the area. The security team can also constantly monitor surveillance footage to get a bird's eye view of the store and its customers. Additionally, placing a security guard at the exit will prevent thieves from leaving the store with merchandise, and deter thoughts of theft in long lines.

Security Precautions

Make sure your store has security precautions already set in place. While security guards and surveillance will deter theft, it is important to have effective safety measures for an accident free day. Before the store opens its doors to the public, make sure the aisles are clean and there is nothing in the way. For example, an employee may have accidentally left a ladder up or a hammer out while fixing something. This is a serious safety hazard for your store, especially on a busy day like Black Friday. Have employees check the aisles before opening the doors for the day to avoid serious, or fatal, accidents.

Have crowd control measures in place. Make sure there are places designated for lines to avoid confusion while checking out. Crowd control barriers around displays are a great option since they prevent the items from being knocked over and hurting someone. This is especially true for electronic stores which carry big screen TV's and other large items to place on display. Crowd control barriers also help customers avoid confusion which promotes safety in busy environments.

Organization And A Store Game Plan

Make sure all of your store employees are properly trained and know where everything is when the big day comes. They should be aware of what they need to do and what section of the store they will be working in. This is especially true for new seasonal hires that have no prior retail experience with Black Friday. Make sure you designate employees to stock, organize, clean, or help customers with locating items. Dictate employees to alert managers when there are problems, and make sure every register is open on the big day.

Have a mandatory meeting with every employee before the store opens. Make sure everyone knows what their duties are and what will be expected of them by the end of the day. Make sure everything is organised and the store has an effective plan for the day. Make sure everyone is on the lookout for shoplifters and knows who to report it to when it happens. The more eyes the store has looking out for shoplifters, the less money the store will loose.

Have employees hand out maps to customers detailing where everything in the store is locating. This prevents collisions and more confusion within the store. Have an employee explain safety procedures to customers in line before the store opens, and have documented safety measures on your wall. Make sure your employees know where the emergency exits are just in case.

Limiting Surprises

While customers get excited about ten minute deals, offering them is always a bad idea. Since the customers feel rushed, it causes unfavorable outcomes like stampedes and disagreements. Black Friday attracts a large population in a small space, therefore minor events will escalate into bigger issues that stress both employees and customers. It is best to avoid permanent damage and prevent serious situations from occurring in the first place. Therefore, consider offering deals while supplies last instead of placing a time limit on them. This will keep the environment safe, prevent injuries, and maintain fairness within the store.


Naturally, effective surveillance plays the most important role for one the busiest days of the year. Surveillance cameras work as reliable witnesses when something goes wrong. For example, a customer becomes too excited about an item but there is only one left. Another customer wants the product, so a fight occurs between them resulting in serious injuries. Security cameras will record who initiated the fight and what happened. This is important information for a store since customers will need the footage when they pursue legal action. This will also ensure the store's innocence within the incident.

Proper surveillance will also record thieves and help with loss prevention. Since the lines are so long, customers will be tempted to leave store premises without paying for their items. This would be easier to get away with since the store is overwhelmed with paying customers. However, visible cameras will prevent it from occurring and will catch people who try. It is a priceless asset to the company and their loss prevention team.

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