So everyone has seen, or heard about security cameras right? Most people think of security cameras as digital cameras. Naturally they are on the right track. Security cameras are not too complicated, they are a tad different than digital or professional cameras. They still have the basic things about them, a lens, integrated circuit board, and chip sets. However, there are other things about security cameras, that set them apart from any other refractionary device. Like for instance they are built to see in hi resolution, without special lighting conditions, without props, and other accessory items. In fact the chip-sets found on these devices are amazing. Sure you can find Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, and other companies that manufacture parts for them, but the sheer size of these chip-sets in these security cameras make them independent. They have built in image sensors, some of them have auto-iris control, which is like the rods and cones you can find in human eyes. Security cameras are made to handle themselves and provide the highest level of live video possible.

There all kinds of security cameras too! Like there are dome, bullets, ptzs, hidden cameras, and special cameras. Everyone has seen the dome cameras, they are very popular in grocery stores, department stores and pretty much all Walmarts. The domes provide great professionalism to any environment and can be fitted with any technology. Bullet cameras got their name, because a shot gun often is about the size of the bullet or "shell" that blows through it, so naturally in the industry it got it's name from looking like a bullet. Bullet cameras are really common in outdoor applications. They can width-stand harsh weather conditions, and most are fitted with infrared lights. The circuit board can switch from day to night time viewing because of the image sensor. It is great you get the best of everything in a bullet camera, color, black and white images a night, weather protection and easy adjusting. Domes can also be fitted with infrared lights and have a 3-axis adjustment which will allow you to position the lens anywhere you want.

All in all, security cameras are neat tools to have for any application. Everyday we are helping real people with real problems and these little guys do wonders. They are the set eyes that everyone can enjoy. Most of the first time customers that buy are weary and think it is very costly to building a complete CCTV system, and often start out with the cheapest stuff. Before you know it becomes a neat toy and customers call back, pushing the envelope in having the best stuff! In the next few blogs, we are going to talk more about PTZ security cameras next time and in the future we will give a break down of every camera, archived in our database, so you can search our blog and have a library of information. Happy hunting!!