Robber knocks off Jacksonville, Florida Banks of America

Looking at the image above, is the suspect/bank robber, who has been hitting up many Bank of America locations within the last 30 days out of Jacksonville, Florida. Most people think that smaller banks get knocked-off by these desperate criminals. Sadly this is so far from the truth! As we are located in Jacksonville, Florida, so are these banks that are getting robbed. Thank goodness these banks have some sort of surveillance system, however, as you can see in the photos, the images are in black and white. This is dismal considering what they probably paid in the security cameras. The irony of the situation is that we bank there, and we sell the hi quality security cameras, and they never thought of updating their CCTV systems. The point is that no one is really immune from a robbery, home invasion, or a hold up. If crooks, are going to have the ambitious effort to pull this off, no course of security is going to prevent that. In most cases, security cameras, will deter the behavior. However, considering the current recession that we are in, I would not count out any option. But having hi quality video, will allow police to see a clear facial of the suspect and this helps in closing down on the suspect in a matter of hours or days. Our mission is to promote, and provide security that you can see! We hope that this example could show purchasing managers the difference in cheap CCTV equipment, and never to save in a security situation. In the end, short-side mistakes like this can result into harm and no one wants to have that under their name. This case is unbelievable, because the banks had the video and the criminal has not been caught  and it has been over 3 weeks since the attack. Most people will say it is lack of leads, or information provided to locate the were-abouts of the robber. But here at Security Camera Warehouse, believe it to be due to the lack of hi quality photos that hands down anyone can recognize the crook and report to police. We can only hope that our low cost, hi-quality cameras, and sales staff can convey this message and start setting an example to other banks globally.