Ok so you have either a new infrared, bullet, dome or ptz camera and your infrared LED lights are burning, not burning or are burning weak! Here are a few things we are going to say that you should consider. First, it could be something really small or you are looking at a total failure in internal circuitry. So first make sure your power supply or power supply distribution box is giving you the right amount of amperage. With your stock or factory power supply, you need to make sure that amount of amperage is delivering enough juice to help those LED bulbs burn. If not this could due two things: one burn out the lights, or short the lights. It needs to be just right! Also if your power supply box has too many infrared security cameras that are drawing 1amp or more, your box may have ran out of enough amperage to deliver the right amount of power to all your cameras. This will result in a short in multiple security cameras. So if you are testing an individual camera now and it seems like it is weak or the infrared lights will not power on, the camera has been severely damaged and you will have to replace the whole camera. The internal circuitry for most infrared security cameras are very complex and contains high-voltage electricity, so do not open the camera it is dangerous. We do repair security cameras here, so if you need to, call our technical support and purchase a support ticket and get your camera looked at, we just may have the parts you need to have your cameras repaired.