Here is yet another common question in many commercial operations. Unfortunately CCTV systems can be very complex, especially if you are new to the equipment, process, and jargon. It would probably be a lot easier to just call us at 866-414-2553 and we can walk through the process with you or email us your floor plans and we can help design a system around your needs. We only hire technicians (not sales guys), so don't worry, we won't be forcing you into purchasing anything.

If we aren't open, here's the process we use to determine how much it a security camera system for a warehouse will cost.

The most important question that you will need to determine is how many cameras you need to cover your most important sectors and/or areas in your warehouse. Depending upon the size of your warehouse(s) and the number of shelving units or other items blocking your view, this could be anywhere from 8 to more than 64 surveillance cameras. You would also need to calculate how many security cameras you will need on the outside of the building. Outdoor cameras are often used to watch loading docks, pallet docks, trash bins, and many other import exterior assets. Although the quality and feature of both the security cameras and the DVR can change the price rather significantly, the number of CCTV cameras will be the biggest determinate to price.

The number of cameras will determine the size of the DVR you will need to buy as each surveillance camera needs it's own channel on the DVR. You will also need to determine if you need any advanced features in DVRs such as facial recognition, people counting, multi-site management, etc. All of these features can change the price.

The quality of the cameras that you want also matters. The biggest price difference is going to be deciding between analog cameras (cameras that use the type of technology that runs cable TV) or IP Cameras (a digital technology). IP cameras allow for significantly higher resolution and feature sets. Other quality questions are such things as: Do I need a dome or a bullet camera? Do I need infrared technology? What resolution for recording and for live viewing do I want? Do I need the ability for a live operator to pan, tilt, or zoom the cameras with a joystick? With the cameras need to be weatherized? Will they need vandal proof shells? etc.

Last, you need to figure out your cable runs. By that we mean you need to calculate how much cable you will need for each security camera, and, as you might imagine, this has a lot to do with how big your warehouse is. If you have a 4, 8, or even 12 channel need, you will probably need at least a 2000 feet to start. So that is two roles. However, if your runs of cable exceed 500 feet, then you will need a video balun to re-strengthen your signal. So do a walk through of your warehouse and figure out how much cable you need. Running power to your cameras is the last area. You will need at least a 18 channel power supply box with 18 amps. If you have many infrared security cameras, you need to calculate at least 1 amp per camera. If you plan on adding to the system and you have a 4 or 8 channel system, do not buy a 9 channel, purchase a 18 channel box instead.

Finally, for estimating the cost of installing a CCTV system in a warehouse, you will need to determine the amount of work that will need to be done to run the cable. The cost of setting up a system is very minimal -- usually it's no more complicated than plugging in a few video wires and connecting the power with a few screws. The real cost is setting up a CCTV system running the cable through the ceiling, wall, or other area. Setting up a CCTV system involves a comfort level with electronics, but the majority of the work is very similar to that of an electrician or computer networking company.

These are the main points you need to define and follow that guide, as a result this will give you a precise idea of what you will be paying to put security cameras in your commercial warehouse based business. If you are still unclear, you can call our 800 line and speak to a CCTV consultant for free. They will be able to give you a quick, easy, and jargon free consult on what you need to do.