Try This Link To Watch The Video If You Don't Have YouTube Account Because It Is A Private Video

Above is a video that shows why surveillance systems are really needed everywhere. Yea we know, people will say and scream invasion of privacy, world doom, computer take over. As usual life has a balance to everything, but if it stems and creates information, then we say YES! People might not love these cameras, but when something like what happened above it is a money, life, and time saver. Haha. The recklessness of a company or in this case worker cost a homeowner a bundle of money. Life is just that complicated! You can invest money when you get ready, but people why not protect yourself and arm yourself with an arsenal of information. People love it when it comes to making money, but why not when something can potential cost you money? Besides security cameras are just that fun! You'll be surprised at the things you will see. Also the video indicated how an insurance deductible that is not your fault could have you coming out of pocket quick. With hard-copy evidence and water-marked video, you can easily fight the problem and sue for damages caused to your assets. Get with it today and invest into a CCTV system for your home.