Picture 6

ISCW WEST is around the corner! We are trying to figure out if we are going to go. We are looking to grab new price list and manufacture info. We might show up on the sales floor and see what's new in the industry, however, it is still really unnecessary at this point for us. We have a lot of things we need to do. We have many different bullet camera cameras, ip cameras, c-mount cameras, dvrs and accessory items to get up on our website and in our database. We have many educational topics and content that need to be uploaded. Our goal is to become the experts in the Video Surveillance industry. There are many vendors and suppliers ready to sell it, we want to be there to examine it and distribute them to customers with unique applications. So as the week approaches, we have 5 days to decide. We really want to go, but it will come down to a five day decision for us. We have many customer's that need support and help with their security camera systems, and we are still growing and are a little short staffed. The recession is not making things easier for us, but we are adapting to the changes we need to make to build our brand. We want to make sure that we get the basics taken care of before we jump into things that will just set us back. So if we do not make this show, we have time to make a name for our self and show up at the right time. Until then, we have product manuals, technical support manuals to make and upload for our customers and future customers to the store. We will in the future report our attendance and location so that we can meet face to face with our customer and audience. Thanks for your patience.