Well we have a new discount MJPEG security dvr in stock! Our security dvrs are separated by their capabilities not by price. Although there are some standalone security dvrs that are cheaper than others, that does not reflect on being better than others. We stress time and time again that you can only measure a security dvr by the application. Everybody that we sell CCTV equipment to has a totally different set of needs and demands that arise. Frankly, we never see the same security camera system application twice, we really do have new conditions that continue to surprise us. However, the dvr featured above is an MJPEG compression format security dvr. No, it is not the best machine out there, however it really does have an advantage in it's easy to use interphase and cheap price. Starting $199, this unit has a very basic feel to it. However, it can back up video, record internally and record in real-time. The graphical user interphase is nothing compared to our PC based dvrs, but after a few hours of playing around with it, you can quickly change the settings to the dvr. We have a new section, discount security dvrs, where we are going to be updating the usability to help navigate through all our different models. We figure this will help in selecting what product is right for them.