A few months back we did a blog post about us starting to carry mobile security dvrs, now we are really ready to integrate them into our e-commerce store and have them ready for sale to the public. In our business, everyone has a different and sometimes special situation that has caused them to seek a solution to help them reach a conclusion. In CCTV, we have all sorts of measures to provide people with the best information through the use of security cameras and surveillance dvrs. We have had many people call us in the past or express problems of not being to have security or a set of eyes to capture events while driving. We have had people who have neighbor wars, or disputes up on the free-ways with dangerous and road-angry drivers. Without a security camera onboard and without a witness, no one can really know what events transpired. As a result, many of the victims feel helpless and it can be very depressing not to feel like you have an affordable solution. We now sell a mobile dvr that can help put an end to road-rage violators, or neighbor wars that become violent and many other dangerous situations. Keep your self armed with this mobile security dvr. It has MPEG4 video compression and can record at 640x480 resolution and 30 frames per second. That is considered real-time and very high resolution video. If you purchase one of our high resolution color bullet cameras, then it will make your video glow and leave the judge, police or your attorney with nothing else to say than the obvious. You can back up all your video to a SD card. You can purchase SD cards now with up to 16GIG of memory, which plugs directly into your computer and or laptop. 8 or 16 gig is what you are going to need. This mobile dvr records in real-time, you can change the settings to record at a lower frame rate, however, you do not want to have mario brothers video when you play back, so we would suggest leaving it at 20-30 frames per second. By setting to motion detection you will be able to save some time on your SD disk. Also, this unit will let you record on motion detection. So if you car is just sitting in the drive-way, you can keep from wasting precious disk space by using the motion detection feature. You can also use RCA cables to this unit, to integrate a small monitor or even integrate with your flip-up T.V. screen in your ride too. The options are endless. One thing you will have to figure out is power. They sell all sort of AC power supplies for cars that connect directly into the cigarette lighter of your car. You can run this device from it. We recommend only doing that when your car is on or if you have a special battery setup that can last at least 24 hours before it's next charge. We would be happy to support anyone with this application, even if it is a custom power setup. So fear no more, help is here for you. If you have any questions about this mobile security dvr, give us a call on our 800 number and speak to a CCTV system consultant today.