DISCONTINUED - The 4MP Vanguard Series (4MP is 2 x 1080P) - 24 Channel HD Customizable Security System with Fixed Lens Cameras

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The 4MP Vanguard Series (4MP is 2 x 1080P) - 24 Channel HD Customizable Security System with Fixed Lens Cameras Guardian - Hangs from the ceiling Wasp - mounts on a wall Vanguard NVR, records, broadcasts, powers, and configures your cameras You won't need to plug all the cameras in to our 32 and 64 channel devices. As long as your cameras are on the same network as the NVR, it will be able to remotely record them. Multi-site management PC software SCW Easyview for iPhone and Android Viewing via web-browser - works on PC or Macs works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari Installation Diagram

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Resolution Recorder Features Camera Features Footage Samples
2560 x 1440

4MP UHD Quality
with all channels recording simultaneously:
20 Frames Per Second Per Camera
Can also do 1080P at 30 FPS per camera

Emails Alerts
Motion Detection
Footage Download
Online Viewing
USB Backup
VGA and HDMI Out
Smartphone Apps
Tablet Apps
Windows Viewing + Apps
Mac Viewing + Apps
Remote Backup to a NAS and eSata

Learn about how this NVR can create create a second copy of your footage
Zero Monthly Fees

Night Vision to 100ft
Designed for Low Light: 0.01 Lux Rating and Wide Dynamic Range
75 degree view
Vandal proof housing
Tampering alerts

Recognize someone up to 75 feet away
Identify someone up to 50 feet away
Define: Recognize vs Identify vs Detect

Digital Zoom Only

Learn about the 4 types of Zoom
Image: Someone 10 feet from the camera

Image: Someone 20 feet from the camera

Image: Someone 50 feet from the camera

Image: Someone 100 feet from the camera

16 POE Ports Cat 5 cable

The power of a single cable.

This Vanguard Pro POE has 16 SCWEasyConnect ports built into its case. It will power and send over the video for each SCW camera by a single Cat5 Networking cable. it will automatically configure the camera's video settings, network settings, and power. Plug the NVR into a standard 3-prong wall outlet; plug each camera into the NVR with a Cat5 Cable, and you're done. It's that easy.

8 Cat 5 cables POE switch Cat 5 cable

The ease of a cable spit.

This system includes a POE switch. You can plug the POE switch in anywhere on your network by running one cat5 cable from your router to the switch and plugging the switch into a wall outlet. Then you can plug several cameras into the switch and it will power and transmit the video back to the NVR (with some minimal setup that we are happy to help you do). This means that you can reduce the amount of cabling work that you need to do by placing the switch close to where a collection cameras will be, only having to run one wire to the switch and then branching to several cameras.