WattBox® Standby UPS & Battery Pack (Compact) | 6 Outlets, 350VA / 210W

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UPS Capacity

350VA / 210W


3 Surge Protection + 3 UPS+Surge Protection Outlets


~2m 28s at 100% (210W) load


1 Year Warranty

350VA / 210W UPS

UPS and NVRs

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a battery backup, which helps keep electronics like NVRs up and running during short power outages or brown outs.

SCW highly recommends that all NVRs be connected to a UPS Battery backup. Battery backups keep operations running during short outages and prevent brown outs, or power "flickers" from harshly turning on and off your NVR. These power flickers may cause corruption on the NVR, which could result in losing all footage on your hard drives, settings on the NVR, or even physical damage to the NVR's motherboard or power supply.

Runtime Info

UPS battery backups are intended to prevent short interruptions. This UPS can handle up to 210W.

Run times may vary depending on load, battery condition, temperature and more, these times are for guidelines and not guarantees.

Battery Note Batteries are wear items. Capacity and performance will degrade over time. The battery is non replaceable and battery capacity wear over time is not covered under warranty

Battery Runtime in Minutes

Battery size - 12V/2.8Ah

Load: Runtime

100%: 0:02:28

90%: 0:02:50

80%: 0:03:11

70%: 0:04:03


50%: 0:07:23

40%: 0:10:03

30%: 0:12:59

20%: 0:23:29

10%: 0:45:11

UPS Specs

Dimensions W x H x D: 4.1" x 3.5" x 7.4", 3.5LB

Operating Temps: 32F / 0℃ to 104F/ 40℃

Sinewave: Simulated

Detachable Power Cord: 6FT

Battery Recharge Time: 8 hours

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid Batteries; Not replcable