The Rubber Band Hand PPE Gown (Lot of 25)


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A handcrafted PPE Gown.

The Rubber Band Hand PPE Gown (Lot of 25)The Rubber Band Hand PPE Gown (Lot of 25)The Rubber Band Hand PPE Gown (Lot of 25)The Rubber Band Hand PPE Gown (Lot of 25)
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Why PPE Gowns?

The Coronavirus is overwhelming healthcare systems around the world, and many healthcare professionals lack the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) to help reduce their risk of infection.

This hits home for us in a very real and personal way. SCW is based in Asheville, North Carolina, which is something of a medical destination.

Many of our friends, neighbors, and family members work in our area hospitals and didn't have PPE coats.

So, we worked with a local doctor to create this design and make them for our friends, families, and neighbors.

Lot of 25

Since we do free shipping, we are bundling 25 of these per order. Individual coats would be drastically more expensive to ship.

Pay-What-You-Can Pricing

With current staff, we have the capacity to donate about 800 units a month. We plan to donate or subsidize those units to healthcare workers who cannot purchase them. If you cannot purchase them, send email us at hello@getscw.com and we will get you some.

If you can purchase them, please do so. We will bring on new staff if we get orders. If you can purchase some for someone who cannot, we will find someone who needs it.

#NoLayoffs #COVIDMobilize Creativity Challenge

Here at SCW, we have currently laid off zero staff. We're attempting to maintain that goal of zero layoffs throughout this crisis.

Here's our Rubber Band Hand PPE Gown guide so that you can make these PPE Gowns, (we worked with a local Doctor to modify this guide to include eslatic arms, and we changed some of the processes so that it could be made twice as fast.)

We will also be hosting a guide, sometime early this week on how you can convert your distillery into a production facility for sanitization fluid.

We'll also be announcing in the next week or two, a platform called COVIDMolibize that helps connect companies that can flex into producing something needed in this crisis with government and healthcare workers with advanced and unprecedented needs. We're working with our local, regional and state governments on this project.

Not Compliant with Any Law, Standards, or Best Practices

We made these because our own family members didn't have gowns, and we worried about them. We wanted to create something for them that was better than the nothing they had.

We have not produced these gowns in accordance with any medical regulations. We don't even know what they are.

We created the design based on things that the average business might already have: 0.7mm painters plastic, rubber bands, heatguns, and cardboard. We will be publishing a guide on Monday on how you can make these, if you don't want to buy them.

If you know of safety measures that we can take please let us know.

We cannot guarantee that SCW employees are COVID-free. COVID-19 can live on plastic for up to 7 days, We recommend letting them sit for 7 days before wearing them.

We are selling these with a "PAY WHAT YOU CAN" Pricing Model or giving them away.

Cost Transparency

The price listed above is our cost to produce these. The coats themselves are about 50 cents in materials, but the labor is around $4 per coat. Because they are handcrafted, they take about 10 minutes per coat to create. We have a "Make Sure Everyone Has Enough" Policy on employee pay, where every position at SCW makes enough money that if you work in Asheville (where we're located), you should be able to live near Asheville.