Initially most of our customers, whom buy complete CCTV systems from are intimidated by setting up their own cameras and dvr. We can see why most would be nervous to do it themselves, but we stress it is not difficult. The only thing is, the installs are time consuming! Running your CCTV RG59 cable is the hardest part. You will need two people to help run cable. Although one person can do it, you need to be able to get on a ladder and run the cable. Some runs could be over 200 feet away from the security digital video recorder. Terminating the cable and running power to your security cameras is the second part you will need to take time to do. Below we have some photos and information on how to setup each step. If you are confused about any of these steps, call our toll free number and press option 3 for technical support.

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What Is RG59 cable?

RG59 cable

RG59 cable is the CCTV industry standard for transmitting video signal to a security digital video recorder. This cable is shield with a thick casing to keep interference away from the copper wire that holds the signal. The next grade up is RG6, but it is too thick for BNC connectors.

What is a BNC connector?

A BNC connector is a special adapter, that handles the signal transmitted across RG59 cable. BNC stands for Bayonet connection. Surprisingly this connection was invented by Bayonet Neill-Concelman! This is the standard RF connection for all security cameras. There are three type: you have twist-on-bnc-connectors, crimp-on-bnc-connectors, compression-bnc-connectors. Each connector will be used based on the needs from each CCTV application.

How To Strip RG59 Cable!

stripping RG59 cable

As the diagram shows above, you need a cable-stripper to professionally cut the cable for your BNC connection. Without the tool it will be very hard to strip the cable. The casing is very tough and tight. After you successfully remove the casing, you need to pull back the frayed wires surrounding the copper wire. The frayed wires should be copper, be careful they can poke your fingers!

How To Compress BNC Connectors!

There are two types of compression fitting tools you can purchase. The one in the diagram is the easiest, however, you just need to purchase the tool you are most comfortable with. But it is pretty much straight forward. After separating the frayed copper wire, just push the main copper wire through the hole on the connector. Next, just place the connector in the proper position and press down the handle until you feel the connection snap. Then you are done! It is just that simple. Having this tool is a lot simpler than even a twist-on or crimp-on bnc connection.

Make Sure You Have All The CCTV Tools You Need For Integration


If you are ready to install your security cameras, cable, and power supply box, make sure you have the quality tools to make sure you get quality. Using a compression BNC compression tool with compression BNC connectors, will ensure a very tight connection and it is almost impossible to separate the connection. Twist on BNC connections are good, but if your application is industrial, high commercial, you don't ever want to take a change of a connector coming loose due to wear and tear. Using a proper CCTV cable stripper will ensure that you get the right length of cut and clean copper wire. Trying to remove the RG59 casing without this tool is frustrating and you will run the risk of cutting the wire. Last, having a portable BNC monitor, will help you get the right lens position for each camera. This is a huge time saver and in the end you can decrease the chance of someone falling off a ladder due to the volume of going up and down to the dvr to see if the camera is good. You could solve this with another person and a cellphone, but that is also frustrating. Our dealers love the monitor tool and there is nothing like having your own view!