Along with new quads, multiplexers, and time lapse vcrs, we have also added Sony Surveillance CRT monitors. We have three different models listed on the site and in stock. These CRT style monitors are top quality monitors for their purpose. We have 12 inch, 14 inch, and 20 inch monitor sizes. We feature a black and white version with 1000 TV Lines and our color versions are 500 TV lines. These are the Sony Trinitron fine pitch models. They are of the highest quality and there are many ways you can use them. Normally, to connect your security cameras you would use a security dvr's platform and come off the dvr's output to the monitor via analog signal. You can use a piece of coaxial cable to do so. If you are not looking to record, then you can use a quad processor (4 cameras) or a multiplexer (more than 4 security cameras) via analog to the T.V. and just view your CCTV cameras at real-time. Another great thing about these CRT monitors is that you can stack them and form a giant survey setup. Some applications call to have one monitor per camera. Depending on the intensity of your surveillance needs and security, you may find that you want each camera on it's own monitor. DVR software will allow you to rotate between cameras or multiplex them all at once, however, this is not the way for different CCTV applications. You can network your monitors through the use of a multiplexer setup and have each camera have their own monitor and input to a recording device using a receiver or special matrix setup. However, if you are looking for the highest quality in playback and real-time viewing, then you will want to invest into a color Sony Trinitron CRT color monitor.