As promised this new year we are aggressively adding every product we can to our e-store and we started carrying in stock time lapse V.C.R.s. You might ask why would we do such a thing? We sell digital video recorders, where you don't need a tape! The thing about CCTV there is no really right or wrong way to choose the method that is best for your situation. Most of the time, CCTV systems are always left open for more room to grow. So we beefed up our cctv-video-processors and added time lapse V.C.R.s to the section. We have three models one with no jog shuttle option, another with a jog shuttle option, both have the ability to record up to 1028 hours, but then we have on time lapse V.C.R that has the ability to record only when your security cameras detect motion. That's right this V.C.R., records when it detects motion and therefore it is a great option for applications that are not interested in playing back hours of video, or
having to change tapes. With this motion recording option, you can successfully record up to two months of video depending on the levels of target objects that enter the field-of-view, from your security cameras. This is really a great option for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive way to get a closed circuit television system. As a result of this technology, you can your T.V. and even setup a quad processor if you decided to view and record at the same time. The value is you get to decided when you want to expand or upgrade. Best of all if you end up purchasing a complete digital video recorder system, you can always resell this to someone you know, on Ebay, or Craigslist. There is many people daily, that experience a breach in their peace-of-mind for their homes, businesses and other personal assets. So if you decide to upgrade it will be a 5 day turn around time before you can get rid of it for a fair price to someone else in need. However if you are looking for something cheap to kick off your CCTV system, check out or time lapse V.C.R.s, depending on what you want to do and where your budget is, we have an option for you.