So you bought a security camera or you are in the market to buy a security camera and you are just not sure what kind of interface you need? Well know this. Most residential style
security cameras will be able to interphase with your home T.V.! You will need to have a T.V. with RCA inputs. You know the little holes located on the front and back of your T.V.. They look like circles with the red, yellow, and white inputs. You will need to purchase a RCA cable and a BNC to RCA adapter, which will let you plug into the video part of the television. This is the most basic way to interphase your security camera in your home. The connection will only display video, when the camera is powered. So make sure that you have the power hooked up. Also if you are looking to add more than one security camera in your home, you will need to look at a quad/multiplexer or security dvr to see all the cameras on the same screen. The quad will allow you to rotate between all your security cameras on a timer and by choice. You can also pull all the cameras up on one screen to see every area of your home. These are the main three ways to interphase your security camera(s) into your home. Below is a picture of what RCA inputs look like. If you feel that you need a quad, so that you can multiplex all your cameras on one screen, visit our security cameras accessories to shop for a quad/multiplexer, vcr or even a T.V.!