pan and tilt fixed cameras

Here is a another new surveillance CCTV camera to added to our arsenal of security cameras. This one is very special thought. I looks like a ptz camera, but it is not! It has the pan and tilt feature but no zooming feature. See what we want to express here is this surveillance camera's special ability to work for very different and more unique CCTV applications. Let's look at a example. Say you don't need a CCTV camera that has a a 10X, 18X, 27X, 32X, or even 36X optical zoom. Say all you need is a camera that can just pan to the left or right in the attempt to watch larger and wider areas on your property. This style of PT camera allows you the ability to have a bigger periphal vision than a standard 3.6mm lens. You can take it a step further and control your camera's ability to adapt to situations that just might be out of the field-of-vision of even a 3.6mm lens. So if you just want the ability to pan and tilt, this is the perfect camera. The best thing about this camera is it's wireless capabilities. The camera can be seen over an IP address. So the simpler your needs to see is what this camera does for you. It is also half the cost of any standard PTZ camera. Most PTZ cameras cost $599 and up. This one is an indoor version and only cost $220! This is a discount way for you to survey and indoor application. We have many more discount ptz cameras for sale. Here are some of this cameras specs::

  • Image Device:   1/4" Color CMOS Sensor
  • Video Compression:   MJPEG
  • Infrared LED:   10 IR LEDs, Night Visibility up to 8m
  • Lens:   3.6mm
  • Ethernet:   One 10/100Mbps RJ-45
  • Wireless Standard:   IEEE 802.11b/g