Ever wonder why we can sell discount security cameras? Why does it seem that here in the U.S.A. everything is so expensive to make here? A perfect example is in our business! The fact is China has a vast amount of natural resources under the ground. That means there is lots of supply. Whatever they don't use they try and sell it or trade it to other countries around the world. But not ever country wants this bartering or selling of natural resources on their homeland. Some fabricating based businesses would love to buy the cheap resources or alloys the Chinese have to sell, but that lowers or takes away the value from home produced or mined iron ores, copper and other precious metals. In some cases China's cheap precious metals and alloys are responsible for losses in jobs right here in the America. How can one compete with such prices or resource surplus. Embargoes were place on China's market for natural resources and it makes it hard for the Chinese to want to sell something that has heavy tariffs into a foreign country. So they got smart and started making tangible, consumable goods to businesses around the world. The price to produce the goods is so cheap that businesses from every walk of life can now sell competitively in their own markets. We are one of those businesses. We help keep the Chinese working, we put up good quality security cameras, and turn economic dollar here in America. It is a win win scenario for many people. In the name of supply and demand all of our cameras we have come from a vast amount of precious resources from China and have been manufactured into discount security cameras that saves lives, helps businesses, and makes our homeland security more efficient in their abilities to protect and serve.