Well it is the first week of March, and we are still looking to finish up this e-store. The main thing is that we want things perfect. We are really going after our own look and style. Having our site perfect is the top concern. Also we are integrating only shop buttons right now. It is going to take a while to make a second page for each product, that list specs and pdf download. We anticipate that will take a few months to get done. However, shopping with our store is underway. Due to theft and other issues, you can only place orders, and select "call me to confirm" when you checkout. Until we are able to secure the web-site with a GEO TRUST ssl certificate we will call all orders back to confirm and make sure you have what you need for your application. We are open to suggestions on our checkout, so please leave us feedback. Lastly, we have uniformly updated all of our pages to the new look. So now everyone knows they are in the right place.  We hope to be the world's best source on CCTV surveillance information and equipment . Thanks for visiting our website.